Script for Aftermath by Terry Nation

Directed by: Vere Lorrimer

(c) 1979 by the British Broadcasting Corporation. Series created by Terry Nation. This is a complete dialogue transcript for research purposes and is not for sale under any circumstances. Format (c) 1994 by Susan Clerc, Amanda Rothman, Nicole Vifian and Micky DuPree.

Dramatis Personae

Avon Paul Darrow Cally Jan Chappell Vila Restal Michael Keating Servalan Jacqueline Pearce Orac Peter Tuddenham Zen Peter Tuddenham Dayna Mellanby Josette Simon Hal Mellanby Cy Grant Chel Alan Lake Lauren Sally Harrison First Trooper Richard Franklin Second Trooper Michael Melia Del Tarrant Steven Pacey

Uncredited: Battle Commander Walk-ons: Alan Mechen David Christian Bobby Webber Jason West Brian Montant [Spaceship fly-bys and space battles]

[Liberator flight deck] ZEN Enemy strategy is now confirmed. Battle computers indicate full alien counterattack is underway.

[Scene cuts between the battle and the apparently empty flight deck]

COMMANDER [V.O.] Battle Commander, squadron six, to flagship. Star One is destroyed. Do you copy? Repeat: aliens have destroyed Star One. Flagship, do you copy? CALLY [V.O.] System malfunction on blocks two and three. AVON [V.O.] Vila, go and check the life support capsules. VILA [V.O.] On my way. AVON [V.O.] Zen. Status report. ZEN Damage to the navigation computers is beyond the present capacity of the auto-repair systems. The teleport malfunction is now total. Automatic shutdown has been implemented.

[Liberator life capsule corridor. Vila inspects indicators] VILA Well, that's all right.[An explosion causes smoke and falling debris in the corridor. A fire breaks out. Vila speaks into comm] Avon. The life capsules ARE operational. Let's get out while we still can. Avon. Avon!

[Sarran surface, beach and sea. Three warriors on horseback watch explosions in the sky] CHEL This is the day that was prophesied. The day our Law foretold. They will come from the sky to destroy us. They will burn the stars to light their way. We must be prepared. WARRIOR Look! [Something arcs across the sky, crashes and explodes] CHEL It begins. Hunt them down. Destroy the strangers. Hunt them down and kill them. Kill them! KILL THEM! [Warriors shout and gallop toward crash site]

[Life capsule corridor] ZEN Damage control estimates breakdown is now beyond the capacity of auto-repair systems in all areas. Serious malfunction in life support would indicate evacuation by life capsule a priority one requirement. [Vila opens a life support capsule and checks inside. Avon and Cally enter the corridor with Orac and its carrying case] VILA We've got to get out of here. [To Cally] Where have you been? Where have you been? CALLY Blake didn't want to leave. VILA Well, I do! AVON I'm surprised you're still here. VILA Where's Jenna? We haven't got to wait for her, have we? CALLY Jenna's gone with Blake. AVON So let's get on with it. [Explosion. Avon is unconscious] CALLY He's out cold. We must get him into a capsule fast. And then you can put Orac in with him. Come on, quick! VILA I've only got one pair of hands, you know. [Another explosion] ZEN Confirmation is now accepted. Computers recommend immediate evacuation by life capsule. [Cally and Vila check on Avon in the capsule] CALLY He should be all right. VILA But Cally, he won't be able to operate the launch button. CALLY We can do it on remote. Come on. [They withdraw from capsule, and its door closes. Capsule launch seen from outside LIBERATOR] VILA [Cally enters capsule] All right? CALLY Yes. ZEN Damage control estimates total failure of life support system in thirty-nine seconds. [Vila stabs a button to open another] VILA It won't open! CALLY [Exits her capsule] I'll check the overrides. ZEN Life support systems will cease to operate in twenty seconds. [Begins countdown in background] CALLY The relay's been cut. I'll have to reset it. [She sets to work on it and hands him a tool] Hold this. VILA Come on, hurry up, hurry up! [pause] Get on with it, get on with it!

[Avon's capsule hurtles through the outer planetary atmosphere. He regains consciousness. A red light pulses] AVON Too fast. Too fast. Going to burn up.[Tries to reach the light, but can't quite] Orac, you'll have to handle it. Instruct the computer. Get us down. Get. Us. Down. [Passes out]

[Planet surface. Two Federation troopers drop to rest] TROOPER 1 That was close. TROOPER 2 Are we the only ones who got out? TROOPER 1 Could well be, sir. Most of my section were dead before we hit. Have you any idea where we are, sir? TROOPER 2 Planet called Sarran, I think. I wasn't able to get a firm fix. Does it matter? TROOPER 1 No, sir, no. I'm very grateful to be out of the battle. And alive. TROOPER 2 Do you know how many alien ships were confirmed killed? TROOPER 1 Five hundred at the last count, sir. TROOPER 2 I heard it was nearer six. TROOPER 1 Six hundred? TROOPER 2 Historic victory, that's what they'll call it. TROOPER 1 [Groans] Ohh. TROOPER 2 How does it feel to have made history? TROOPER 1 Very painful, sir. TROOPER 2 We lost over eighty percent of the fleet, you know. TROOPER 1 Eighty percent? TROOPER 2 We only won because there were more of us than there were of them. If you call that winning. Look - there's another one of them.

[Light streaks toward the ground from the sky] TROOPER 1 Did you see what it was, sir? TROOPER 2 Life capsule, I think. TROOPER 1 Yeah, but was it one of ours? TROOPER 2 Couldn't tell. TROOPER 1 I'd be very careful if I were you, sir. There could be some alien survivors down. TROOPER 2 Oh, we're all right. We're our of the war, now! Come on.

[Three Sarrans on horseback approach. The troopers struggle up the hill but Chel catches up to them and kills them. The Sarrans ride away]

[Sarran beach. The smoking life capsule door raises as the Sarrans approach] CHEL Dismount. [Avon weakly crawls out, Liberator gun in hand. A warrior runs to attack him. Avon points the gun but nothing happens. The warrior kicks the gun from his hand, rolls Avon and straddles him, then pulls his short sword to deliver the death blow. He falls over dead with an arrow in his back. Dayna fires a second arrow into the sand at the feet of the other Sarrans and they run away. Dayna then runs to Avon, who is unconscious]

[A small cave. Avon, unconscious, lays on hide covers. Dayna collects water in a bowl, dabs water on Avon's forehead. Avon opens his eyes and starts forward] DAYNA Are you feeling better? AVON Not really. But at least I'm still alive. If I were dead I don't think I'd have this blinding headache. [Dayna kisses him] AVON What was that for? DAYNA Curiosity. AVON I'm all in favor of healthy curiosity. I hope yours isn't satisfied too easily. I think you've cured my headache. DAYNA What's your name? AVON Avon. DAYNA You are very beautiful, Avon. AVON So are you. DAYNA Dayna. AVON Are you a native of this planet? DAYNA The ones who tried to kill you are the natives. Do I look like them? AVON So where do you come from? DAYNA I was born on Earth. My father brought me here when I was a baby. AVON Are there many Earth people here? DAYNA Just father and myself. AVON Just the two of you? DAYNA And Lauren. She's of this planet, but she's lived with us since she was a child. AVON Three of you. How do you survive? The natives, what do you call them? DAYNA The Sarrans. AVON The Sarrans don't seem exactly friendly. DAYNA They don't trouble us much. Father says they were a problem when we first arrived, now they leave us alone. They're afraid of us. They're afraid of me, particularly. AVON Presumably, it's the bow and arrow. DAYNA I like the ancient weapons -- the spear, the sword, the knife. They demand more skill. When you fight with them conflict becomes more personal. More exciting. AVON More dangerous. DAYNA Of course. Without danger there's no pleasure. AVON That must limit your range of pleasures a bit. DAYNA [laughs] You're feeling stronger. AVON Yes, I am. DAYNA I'll take you to our base. AVON Is it far? DAYNA No. You should manage it. AVON Orac! DAYNA What? AVON When you found me, I had a box with me, about this size. DAYNA There was nothing. AVON Then it must still be in the life capsule. You have got to take me back to the place where you found me. Now. DAYNA Come.

[On the beach. A Sarran looks inside capsule, removes Orac's case and throws it down. Dayna pulls Avon down] AVON We must keep moving. DAYNA No, just a minute. Look. [Four Sarrans walk away from them] It's safe now, we can go on. AVON You are very good at this. DAYNA I told you. I enjoy it. Don't you? AVON I have had enough excitement for a while. Right now a little boredom wouldn't come amiss. DAYNA Right. Come on. [They descend a dune] AVON It's all right. There it is. I'll get it. DAYNA Wait. AVON You keep watch. [Avon picks up and throws away gun, then moves toward the case] DAYNA Avon! [The Sarran attacks, Avon fights and knocks him down, then picks up Orac] DAYNA You fight well. AVON Only when I have to. [She draws the bow on the downed Sarran] What are you doing? DAYNA He's your enemy. AVON He's no danger now. Leave him. DAYNA If the situation was reversed, he would have killed you. AVON His friends might still manage it. Leave him.[Walks away] DAYNA [Turns, looks at Avon] I should have killed him.

[Another part of the beach. Servalan watches Sarran group pass] SERVALAN Open transmission for immediate relay to Federation fleet command. Message begins. Escort group nine destroyed en route to main battle zone. President Servalan forced down on planet Sarran. Rescue is now your first priority. Repeat: rescue takes precedence over everything. Message ends. Acknowledge transmission. [White noise] Answer me, damn you, answer me! [More white noise. She notices the dead troopers, gets to her feet holding a gun and walks away]

[Avon and Dayna walk on the beach. They come upon a gruesome figure: the rotting corpse of a man tied by the wrists to a makeshift pillory.] AVON Dayna! DAYNA That's what Chel does to those he doesn't like. AVON Chel? DAYNA The leader of the Sarrans.

[Chel and several others ransack the life capsule] CHEL Shakar! This way. [They follow Avon and Dayna's trail]

[Avon stops] DAYNA Can I help you? AVON I'm all right. How much further? DAYNA You'll see it in a moment. Come. [They go a little further and crouch behind a dune. Dayna points at the sea] There. AVON I don't see anything. DAYNA The sea! AVON Oh, I can see the sea. DAYNA That is our base. AVON You live underneath it? DAYNA In it. AVON In it? Listen, I'm not very keen on water sports even at the best of times. DAYNA Don't worry. AVON This is not the best of times. DAYNA You won't even get your feet wet. Wait here. I'll check it's safe to go on.[Leaves] AVON Well, I hope she's not totally insane. Under these circumstances that could be a little bit embarrassing.

[Sarran group passes corpse and pillory]

[Muzzle of a gun touches Avon's cheek] SERVALAN Stay quite still. AVON Servalan. SERVALAN You don't sound surprised. AVON Why should I be? It has a perverse kind of logic to it. Our meeting is the most unlikely happening I could imagine. Therefore we meet. Surprise seems inappropriate somehow. SERVALAN Stand up. Over there. Where are Blake and the others? AVON I haven't the remotest idea. I'm not even sure that they're alive. I was unconscious. Somebody must have gotten me into a life capsule. SERVALAN And Orac with you. I shall need Orac. AVON Where's your ship? SERVALAN Plastered over a large area of this miserable planet. AVON You should've stayed at Space Command Headquarters. SERVALAN The battle was virtually over. A personal appearance is always good politics. Especially for a new president. AVON Congratulations. Why don't you put away the gun? SERVALAN Why should I? AVON Good politics? SERVALAN I'd need a better reason. AVON How about an arrow through the head? [Dayna walks behind Servalan, bow drawn] SERVALAN If she fires, the chances are that I would still pull the trigger. Do you want to risk it? AVON It's out of my hands. SERVALAN Perhaps we can come to some arrangement. DAYNA Then you'd better come to it quickly. I've no arrows left for them. [Sarrans approach on the beach] SERVALAN In the circumstances, I suggest we forget our differences. AVON Give me the gun. SERVALAN [Tosses it to the ground] That won't stop them. It's empty. AVON It's a great pity that you and I have always been on opposite sides, Servalan. DAYNA You can talk later. Now we must hurry.[She runs on beach and opens the hatch, Avon runs up with her bow and arrow and Orac. The Sarrans are in pursuit] Hurry! [Dayna takes the bow and arrow and prepares to shoot. Avon and Servalan go into the hatch. One warrior falls with an arrow in his neck] CHEL Leave him! [Dayna enters hatch, pulls down cover. Chel tugs futilely at hatch cover]

[Main section of Mellanby's base. A soft background hum] AVON A space vehicle grounded on the sea bed. DAYNA It was designed as a fixed orbit station. My father landed it here more than twenty years ago. Putting it under the surface gave it the best possible camouflage. And it worked. They looked for us, but they never found us. SERVALAN Until now. DAYNA The Sarrans? They were never the real problem. SERVALAN What's your father's name? DAYNA Hal Mellanby. AVON Mean anything to you? SERVALAN No. DAYNA I will tell my father you are here. AVON Thank you. SERVALAN I would like to clean up if I may. And perhaps you could find me something to wear? DAYNA Of course. Come with me. [They exit, Avon examines a gun on a worktable that holds several weapons. Mellanby enters. He wears dark glasses, a gold starburst medallion, and a large disk with a glass bulb extending from it] MELLANBY Welcome. You're Avon. Dayna told me you were here. I'm Hal Mellanby. AVON Good to meet you. Thank you for your hospitality. MELLANBY You've been involved in the war. AVON You could say that. We were damaged, had to abandon our ship. MELLANBY Come and sit down. AVON Thank you. MELLANBY You're not alone in losing your ship. The losses on both sides have been tremendous. I've been monitoring the status transmissions. AVON Did we win? [Mellanby hands him a small listening device, which Avon puts to his ear] MELLANBY Still very confused, but there's not much doubt the aliens were virtually wiped out. AVON Well, the price was high enough, but at least we got what we paid for. MELLANBY You almost didn't. It was a close-run thing. What's left of the Federation fleet, which isn't much, is scattered halfway across the galaxy. I'd say the Federation's in a lot of trouble. AVON Yes, it's difficult to sustain a military dictatorship when you've lost most of the military. [Mellanby laughs] I only hope Blake survived long enough to realize that he was winning -- both wars. MELLANBY Blake? You were with Blake? AVON Yes, though it hardly seems to matter now. If it ever did. MELLANBY If it mattered? Blake and the Liberator? I've been hearing reports for the last couple of years. You were magnificent. AVON Not from where I was sitting. MELLANBY You're doubly welcome here, Avon. We have something in common, too. We're both fugitives from the Federation. AVON Dayna told me you had enemies. MELLANBY I've been hiding here for a long time. AVON What was your crime? MELLANBY It wasn't a crime. But there's still a price on my head: three million credits. AVON You must be very special. MELLANBY I constituted a threat to them. AVON Then I'm afraid by asking us to come here, you may have put yourself in danger. The woman who was with me is Supreme Commander Servalan. She may even be President Servalan by now. MELLANBY Servalan? I've heard of her. Yes, she came into power some years after my defection. It's possible she doesn't remember my case. AVON Don't count on it. Servalan has a long memory. MELLANBY If it comes to the point, I shall take whatever actions are necessary to protect my freedom. For her sake, it would be better that she doesn't remember.

[Dayna's room] DAYNA Will this be all right? [Hold up a purple dress] I think it should fit you. SERVALAN Oh, very attractive. A little old fashioned, and not my colour, but it'll do very nicely. DAYNA Not too young for you? SERVALAN Oh, I don't think so, do you? I find unsophisticated clothes quite amusing, like unsophisticated people. Obvious, but amusing. [Dayna laughs] SERVALAN You say you've been here quite a long time? [Dayna moves behind a screen to change] DAYNA Since I was a small child. SERVALAN It must be very boring for you. DAYNA Not at all. There never seems to be enough time. I have my tutorials with the computers. I like hunting and walking, and I work with my father. SERVALAN Doing what? DAYNA We design and develop defense systems. SERVALAN Really? That must be fascinating. For whom do you develop these systems? Other exiles, like yourselves? DAYNA We're not exiles. We chose to come here. SERVALAN But I thought you said you were in hiding, that the Federation were searching for you. DAYNA [Enters in new outfit] I didn't mention the Federation. SERVALAN Oh, how pretty. Why else would you hide? A Federation citizen need fear nothing. DAYNA You really believe that? SERVALAN Of course. The Federation exists to protect its people. DAYNA Even from themselves? SERVALAN I don't understand. DAYNA Is it a crime to be independent? Father wanted independence. The Federation refused him permission to leave Earth so he had to leave secretly. SERVALAN And this burning desire for independence -- was this his only reason for leaving Earth? DAYNA What do you mean? SERVALAN Well, to hide away for twenty-odd years on some remote outer planet seems a trifle obsessive. Was there some other reason for his running away? DAYNA No. SERVALAN A Federation citizen who fails to register a change of location commits only a minor offense. Only a small fine is imposed. It must have been something more important than that to stop you returning home. DAYNA There's nothing else. We just don't want to go back, that's all. We're not criminals; we're not hiding. We stay here because we want to. SERVALAN You mustn't let me upset you. It's just that I'm fascinated by your life here. I'm so grateful to you. I don't know what I would have done without you up on the surface. You saved my life. And that's a debt I want to repay. So, [caresses Dayna's cheek] I hope we're going to be friends. DAYNA I hope so, too. Is there anything else I can get for you? SERVALAN Thank you, no. You've already been more than kind. DAYNA Then you finish changing. I'll wait for you in the main section. SERVALAN I'll be with you in just a few moments. [Thinks] Hal Mellanby!

[Main section] MELLANBY Hold this. [Hands Avon an odd gun, and opens a window in the wall] AVON A test firing area. MELLANBY That's right. Try it. [A cut-out creature appears in the firing range and Avon fires at it] AVON Impressive. It seemed to aim itself. I felt it pulling my hand around to the target. MELLANBY The weapon has programmable memory. You preset an image of the target, and it automatically lines up on it. AVON Remarkable. MELLANBY A useful piece of equipment. AVON How long did it take you to develop this? MELLANBY I didn't. That one was Dayna's project. She has a genius with weaponry systems, and that isn't just a father's pride. AVON And yet with all this to choose from, she still goes around with a bow and arrows. MELLANBY She takes absurd risks. I try to discourage her, but I think she's trying to prove to herself that there's no weapon, ancient or modern, that she can't master. AVON Forgive me asking, but that device you're wearing ... [Indicates the glass bulb] MELLANBY This? It's an image amplifier. Before I left Earth, I was taken in for questioning by Federation Security. They suspected me of supplying weapons to resistance groups. And they were right. Anyway, in persuading me to talk they were slightly overzealous. They destroyed my optic nerves. This thing gives me partial vision. AVON I'm sorry. MELLANBY No need. It's an attitude of the mind. Most men see only what they want to see. The difference in my case is that I know that my vision is limited. [Loud, hollow gong sounds and repeats] AVON What is it? MELLANBY I don't know. [Lauren enters] LAUREN [Enters] Do you hear it, Father? AVON Any idea where it came from? LAUREN There's nothing inside the ship. MELLANBY Avon, this is Lauren, my adopted daughter. She and Dayna grew up together. LAUREN There it is again. MELLANBY Check the surface scan. [Lauren goes to a small screen and shows a series of views] LAUREN That's the north shore. MELLANBY Nothing there. Try the west. Nothing there either. DAYNA [Enters] What's happening, father? MELLANBY We don't know. We're checking. Lauren, try the south shore. [Sarrans are pounding on the hatch cover] DAYNA Sarrans. LAUREN That's the main entry lock. AVON Will it hold? MELLANBY I'm not sure. They've got metal tools and the intelligence to use them properly. Given time, they could open it. LAUREN I wonder what's made them so determined suddenly. AVON Survivors, like me, probably. DAYNA We'll go out through the other hatch. Get round behind them, then we'll have a clear field of fire. Wipe them out with one volley. MELLANBY No, Dayna, no! Will you never understand? We take life only in the last extreme. DAYNA They look fairly extreme to me. MELLANBY We'll use vitashock weapons. The blasts will be painful enough to drive them off without causing any permanent injury. LAUREN I'll get the guns from the armory.[Exits] MELLANBY You see that Dayna and I don't agree on some issues. DAYNA How can I agree? It contradicts everything I've done all my life. We've made the most sophisticated weapons ever known. They are designed to kill. MELLANBY No, Dayna! DAYNA They have no other purpose. Yet you tell me they should never be used? Does that make sense, Avon? AVON I seldom comment on other people's ethics. LAUREN [Enters and hands Dayna a weapon] Dayna. MELLANBY You stay here, Avon. We can handle it. Come on, Dayna. [They all exit. Avon waits for them to leave, then picks up the case, opens it, and activates Orac] AVON Orac, I want a status report on the Liberator. ORAC The ship has sustained considerable damage, but is now operating at fifty-four percent of normal capacity. This is increasing rapidly as the auto- repair systems complete their functions. AVON Can you give me a direct voice link with the Zen computer? ORAC Wait. [Several seconds pass] AVON Come on, Orac, come on! ORAC Communicators have locked on to your voice-beam channel. Transmission may begin. AVON Zen, this is Avon. Have you any information about the rest of the crew? ZEN Direct instructions have been received from Blake. AVON Where is he? Is he safe? ZEN He reports he's uninjured. A locator malfunction at the time of transmission made it impossible to calculate his exact position. AVON The others? [Servalan enters, then hides and listens] ZEN Routine message interception indicates that Jenna is now on a hospital ship. Her injuries are superficial. AVON What was the destination of the hospital ship? ZEN That information was unclear. AVON All right. What about Vila and Cally? ZEN There has been no communication from either of them. AVON Is the teleport in operation? ZEN Repairs will be complete in two hours and thirty-four minutes. AVON How soon can you bring the Liberator into teleport range? ZEN Eight hours is the estimated time. AVON Try and improve on that. Enter orbit with teleport facility set for random pickup. ZEN Confirmed. AVON Keep listening out for Vila or Cally. If either of them come in, give their pick up priority over mine. ZEN Confirmed. AVON That's about all. Keep feeding reports through Orac. ZEN Information. A space vehicle has been registering on the detectors. Visual scan now indicates that it is approaching the Liberator. Present status suggests the vehicle will attempt docking beside port entry. AVON Can you identify it? ZEN Negative. AVON Is there any voice contact? ZEN Negative. AVON Is it still coming? ZEN Confirmed. Full function has been restored on Liberator weaponry systems. The vehicle can be destroyed on your order. AVON Do it. No, wait. It could be Vila or Cally getting back. Let it dock. ZEN Confirmed. [The ship attaches to Liberator. Static] AVON Zen, report! Zen! Zen! [Static ceases] ORAC Further communication with the Liberator is impossible. AVON I must know if anyone boards the Liberator. That is vital. ORAC The information is not available. AVON Reestablish contact as soon as possible. ORAC Well, of course I will.[Avon closes case] SERVALAN [Emerges from hiding] Avon, you look worried. AVON Do I? SERVALAN And I thought you were the one who had conquered emotion, replaced feeling with logic. AVON I don't really care what you thought. SERVALAN Oh, you ARE worried, aren't you? AVON Skip the psychology, Servalan, it is not your strong point. SERVALAN You think not? You could be right. After all, we're very alike, you and I. AVON I doubt that. [While Servalan speaks, Avon sets Orac's case down in front of a chair and then sits with his feet up on the case] SERVALAN You are ambitious, ruthless ... you want power and you'd never let conscience stand in the way of achieving it. Well? AVON You overestimate me. SERVALAN You have one other quality I admire. Very much. AVON Yes? SERVALAN You are infinitely corruptible. You'd sell out anybody, wouldn't you? AVON I don't know; I never really had an offer I felt was worthy of me. SERVALAN Then why don't you see if you can find us a drink. We have things to talk about.

[Bluff above the beach. Dayna, Lauren, and Mellanby watch as the Sarrans attack the hatch] MELLANBY Set for minimum power. Dayna, set minimum. Continuous burst. Fire. Cease firing. Dayna, I said stop. DAYNA They'll come back! MELLANBY When they do, we'll give them another blast. Couple more times and they'll come to associate this area with pain. Then they'll leave it alone. LAUREN They're starting to edge back. MELLANBY Let them get close.

[Main section. Servalan is now seated on a small couch. Avon pours green liquid into a glass] SERVALAN I'm going to be honest with you. AVON That should be mildly disconcerting. SERVALAN I know the Liberator is on its way here to pick you up. AVON What makes you think that? SERVALAN I was hiding over there. I heard every word. AVON I see. Go on. [Hands the glass to Servalan] SERVALAN My only chance of getting off this planet is if I can make contact with a serviceable Federation ship. [Avon sits next to her on the couch] That possibility seems fairly remote. AVON Surely not. Once they realize the President is marooned they will be coming in droves. SERVALAN I don't think so. You see, there's something you probably don't know. Star One was destroyed. AVON Are you sure? SERVALAN Positive. An alien counterattack, it took us by surprise. They reduced the entire planet to so much space debris. Nothing survived. AVON And Star One was the basis of Federation power. It controlled everything. SERVALAN Exactly. And now it's gone, so is most of the Federation. From now on there will be chaos in the star systems. No central control, no unifying force. Over half the civilized planets left to their fate. AVON So Blake's rabble finally get freedom of choice. He won after all.[They both stand] SERVALAN Forget Blake. YOU have control of the Liberator now. There's no more powerful ship in the galaxy. You have Orac. Avon! Don't you see what that means? AVON You tell me about it. SERVALAN You could rebuild it all. All those worlds could be yours, Avon, they're there for the taking. You and I could build an empire greater and more powerful than the Federation ever was or ever could have been. Now, Avon. At this moment we can take history and shape it in our own image. Think of it: absolute power. There is nothing you can imagine that we couldn't do. AVON [Takes her glass and sets it aside] I am thinking of it. SERVALAN We can do it, Avon. AVON I know we can. SERVALAN We'll be answerable to no one. Ours will be the only voice. Imagination our only limit. [They kiss. Avon grabs her by the throat and pushes her to the ground] AVON Imagination my only limit? I'd be dead in a week.

[At the bluff] DAYNA I think they've learned their lesson. MELLANBY Good. Let's get back. Lauren? LAUREN I'll stay a while longer, just in case. MELLANBY They won't be back. LAUREN It won't hurt to wait a while longer. Anyway, when I'm sure it's safe, I want to go a have a look at the entry lock, see if they've done any damage. DAYNA I'll stay with you. LAUREN There's no need. I can handle it, Dayna. MELLANBY All right, but don't take any chances. LAUREN I won't. DAYNA Keep your head down. LAUREN I always do.

[On the beach] CHEL The light that brings pain comes from those rocks. I saw movement there. When night comes, we'll circle that place, and destroy them that would harm us.

[Main section. Avon holds a teleport bracelet while Dayna probes it] AVON So you have very little to fear from Servalan. There is no real Federation anymore. It's unlikely that anyone will come looking for you. You won't have to hide any longer. MELLANBY It's odd. For the last twenty years that's all I've dreamed of, freedom to do what I want, go where I want. Now that I've got it, I'm not sure what to do with it. AVON [To Dayna] Thank you. [Snaps the bracelet on his wrist] Will you leave this planet? MELLANBY I don't know. I...I won't make any decision in a hurry. AVON That's probably wise. MELLANBY But no matter what I do, I think it would be good for Dayna to get away from here. She should experience other worlds, other people. AVON She could have some surprises coming. MELLANBY She's an intelligent girl. She'll adapt quickly. AVON I'm sure she will. DAYNA I'm going to bed, father. AVON I could do with some rest, as well. It'll be a few hours before the Liberator gets here. MELLANBY Is it still on its way? AVON I haven't reestablished voice contact, but Orac is tracking it. It's right on course. MELLANBY So you should be leaving us soon after dawn. AVON That's the plan. MELLANBY I'll be sure you're awake in plenty of time. AVON Thank you. Good night. MELLANBY Night. DAYNA Aren't you going to bed? MELLANBY I'll wait up for Lauren. She won't be long. Sleep well. DAYNA Good night. MELLANBY Night. [Avon and Dayna exit. Mellanby dims the lights and sits]

[Dayna's room. Servalan searches drawers, then a cupboard, and finds a small green gun] AVON [V.O.] Good night, Dayna. DAYNA [V.O.] I hope you sleep well. AVON [V.O.] I'll see you before I go. [Servalan lays down and pretends to be asleep. Dayna enters and begins to undress]

[At the bluff in moonlight. Lauren starts to rise and sees Chel] CHEL Welcome back to your people.

[Main section, dimly lit and apparently empty]

[Servalan quietly leaves Dayna's room, goes to the main section, and finds Orac] MELLANBY [Turns on lights and aims gun] Move away from it. You're welcome to leave, but you're not taking Orac with you. Just what were you planning? SERVALAN It's quite simple. If I have Orac, Avon will agree to whatever terms I offer him. He can't control the Liberator's teleport without it. It was a good idea, I hadn't counted on anyone being here. MELLANBY We all make mistakes. SERVALAN That's true. You did yourself, once, didn't you? You see, I finally remembered who you are. MELLANBY That was all a long time ago. SERVALAN But not forgotten. You led a revolt that took more than three weeks to suppress. It cost a lot of Federation lives. MELLANBY And the lives of virtually everyone who followed me. SERVALAN You knew the consequences of what you were attempting. MELLANBY Yes, and when we failed we made an honorable surrender. We were promised fair trial. Instead, the security forces massacred everyone, men, women, and children. That night I watched them all die. My own wife, my friends, everybody. SERVALAN Everybody but you. Hasn't that ever made you feel guilty, Mellanby? MELLANBY Of course it has. I've lived with guilt most of my life. I should have died with them, but I had a chance of saving Dayna. I took it. SERVALAN They branded you a coward. Your name was universally despised. MELLANBY Might have been true. I've never been sure. SERVALAN Still, it's all over now. The Federation is finished. You have nothing to fear anymore. MELLANBY Nothing to fear.[Lowers his gun] SERVALAN Mellanby. [Shoots his optical device] Over here, Mellanby. [He grabs a stave and lashes at her. She moves away easily. This continues throughout] You're still a loser, aren't you? You were then, you are now. You don't win wars by running away and hiding. [Shoots him again, picks up Orac and mounts the stairs] MELLANBY [Struggles to stand but falls] Dayna! Avon! [Dies] [Avon runs in, checks Mellanby's body for pulse] AVON Servalan. Orac! DAYNA [Enters] Father! AVON He got away from here after all. [Dayna throws herself on her father's body]

[On the beach in daylight. Servalan walks, carrying Orac, and sees Lauren's corpse hanging on pillory]

[Dayna, in hunting dress, hands Avon a gun. She wears her father's starburst medallion] DAYNA Take this. Ready? AVON Yes. DAYNA Then let's go find her. AVON Wait a minute. Take this bracelet. Liberator is due here at anytime. If things go right it could be your only way out. DAYNA I'm going nowhere until Servalan is dead. AVON Unless we find Orac, neither am I. [Takes bracelet] DAYNA Then we're agreed. Let's get started.

[Servalan, now without Orac, shoots a Sarran]

[Avon and Dayna find Lauren's body] DAYNA Lauren, too. What's left? AVON Servalan. We must find her. Now. DAYNA Lauren. [Weeps] AVON Listen. Her tracks show that she came this way. There are Sarran tracks as well. They're following her. We must get to her before they do. [Dayna nods]

[Servalan is caught by a Sarran, who drags her to their camp]

[Avon and Dayna watch the camp] AVON Let's try and get a bit closer. DAYNA I can kill her from here. She's well within range. AVON No, wait a minute. DAYNA Why wait? AVON Because I can't see Orac. DAYNA What would the Sarrans want with Orac? It is of no value to them. AVON Exactly. They may have left it where they captured her. Only Servalan knows.

[Sarrans prepare a pillory. Servalan and Chel recline on the side of a dune] SERVALAN It's a weapon many times more powerful then yours. You've seen what it can do. CHEL It is strong, but there is only one. SERVALAN But there are many more. I can get them for you, show you how to use them. CHEL You lie. SERVALAN Weapons like that would make you invincible. CHEL Akran! [Sarran grabs Servalan roughly]

DAYNA I'm going to kill her now while I've got the chance. AVON No. Orac is our only hope. We have got to get her out of there. Give me a few minutes to get down there, then start firing. Cause as much panic and confusion as you can, but keep your fire away from Servalan. DAYNA All right. AVON I don't want you telling me afterwards that it was an accident.

[A Sarran ties Servalan's wrists to the pillory, Avon hits him and cuts her free] SERVALAN Thanks. AVON You're welcome. [He is attacked, Dayna fires, Avon fights] CHEL Well, there they are, man. Get after them! [Shoves a Sarran in their general direction]

[Avon, Dayna and Servalan run to Dayna's cave] AVON We don't have too much time. Where is Orac? SERVALAN Safe. AVON Where? SERVALAN Let's talk about what I get in return. AVON You got your life, didn't you? SERVALAN Naturally, I'm grateful. But it's not enough. DAYNA You're in no position to bargain. SERVALAN Oh, but I am. Without Orac you're helpless, and you know it, don't you Avon? AVON What is it you want? SERVALAN Passage off this planet. When the Liberator comes in, I want to teleport up -- with you. AVON No. SERVALAN Then we all stay here together. Be sensible, I'm not asking you to give me the Liberator. Just take me to the nearest civilized planet and put me down. You have nothing to lose. AVON All right, I agree. Now where is Orac? SERVALAN Oh, no, Avon. Oh, no, it's not that simple. We know each other far too well. There are conditions. AVON Go on. SERVALAN First of all, I want a gun. DAYNA No. AVON There is only one. SERVALAN I only want one. DAYNA Convince her. [Dayna doesn't budge] SERVALAN A teleport bracelet. AVON I'll give it to you when we have Orac. SERVALAN You will give it to me now. [Avon removes his bracelet and hands it to her] You have another? AVON Yes. SERVALAN Good. Then I think I can say we're in business. AVON You've got what you wanted, Servalan. Don't expect admiration as well. DAYNA There is one thing, perhaps, you haven't accounted for. SERVALAN I don't think so. DAYNA I'm going to kill you. Sooner or later. AVON Where is Orac? SERVALAN I hid it near the entry lock.

[On the beach by the hatch, now open. Dayna keeps the gun on Servalan] AVON All right, where is it? SERVALAN Buried over there. [Avon finds the case, opens it] AVON Report! ORAC Liberator's navigation systems are locked onto this location. I will operate the teleport the moment the ship moves into range. AVON All right, we'll be standing by. [Servalan shoves at the gun, slaps Dayna down, and grabs the gun] SERVALAN Stay where you are. A pity, Avon. I was willing to share with you. AVON Killing us at this point was always part of your plan. That's why I gave you the faulty bracelet. SERVALAN You're lying. AVON Look at the casing. It's cracked right across. [Servalan checks, and is distracted by small explosion. Chel has fired the gun at her] AVON [To Dayna] Get the bracelet! [Fetches Orac] [Dayna grabs the gun, gets the bracelet, pushes Servalan down] DAYNA Bracelet. [Hands it to Avon, then aims the gun at Servalan, who is in the hatch entryway] Stop! Servalan, I made you a promise, and I'm going to keep it. Stop! [Avon and Dayna teleport, Servalan closes the hatch, and the beach is suddenly empty. Chel plunges his sword into the sand and yells in frustration]

[Exterior shot of Liberator]

[Liberator's teleport bay. Avon puts away the bracelets] AVON Are you all right? DAYNA Yes. AVON When we first met, you said there was no pleasure without danger. Do you still feel that way? DAYNA I think I can do without excitement for a little while. AVON Good, then let's get to the flight deck. There's a lot to be done. I have to locate the others and pick them up. Come on. [They head out but Dayna stops] DAYNA Wait! [Tarrant enters and points a gun at them] TARRANT Summary execution is the usual punishment for boarding a Federation ship without authority. What are you doing on my ship?

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