In Project Avalon a perfect copy of Avalon was put aboard Liberator to release a capsule of modified "Phobon Plague" and kill the crew. Cally talked to the android and suspected nothing, but Chevner was killed when he presumably showed signs of suspicion. Cally was injured by the android and it took Blake, Vila, Gan and Jenna to restrain it. It was partially reprogrammed by Avon, when Blake used it to secure the release of the real Avalon. It was based on what the scientist on UP-Project Avalon referred to as the "triple omega" model, and Avon called it the best robotic engineering he had ever seen.

The Altas in Redemption may have been androids.

In Volcano menial tasks were carried out by an android, and it appeared to act as Hower's attendant. It also administered a lethal dose of narcotic to Bershar, suggesting if nothing else that Asimov's laws of robotics counted for nothing in Blake's time.

In Death-Watch Servalan used an android to violate the Teal-Vandor convention in an attempt to provoke war between the two systems. The android killed Deeta Tarrant, but was destroyed by Del Tarrant using a weapon developed by Dayna. Avon conjectured that "Vinni" was the work of Servalan working with a local arms manufacturing cartel, with a Vandor high councillor's involvement also implied.

In Headhunter Muller developed an android that could influence circuitry over a distance and matched Orac in power. It had megalomaniac designs, planning to enslave all humanity, and Orac at least believed it could do so. Avon planned to harness the android's potential by fitting the head with its attendant restraining mechanisms, but Dayna, on Orac's recommendations, destroyed it.

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