Battleground cover
Series: Big Finish Classic Audio Adventures
Season number: 1
Story number: 2
Blake's 7 crew: Blake (Gareth Thomas)

Avon (Paul Darrow)
Vila (Michael Keating)
Jenna (Sally Knyvette)
Cally (Jan Chappell)
Travis (Brian Croucher)
Zen/Orac (Alistair Lock)

Recurring villains: None
Writer: Andrew Smith
Script editor: Unknown
Director: Ken Bentley
Producer: Unknown
Copyright date: 2014
Broadcast date: February 2014
Format: 1 episode
Production code: BFPB7FC003
Previous story: Fractures
Next story: Drones
Publisher: Big Finish


Blake and the crew of the Liberator have a new mission - and their target is on the Straxis, a planet also known as Battleground 9.

Because Straxis is a training ground for thousands of Federation troops, and the Liberator has journeyed directly into their sights.

Has Blake finally picked a battle he cannot possibly win?


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Written By: Andrew Smith
Directed By: Ken Bentley
Sound Design: Martin Montague
Music: Jamie Robertson
Cover Art: Grant Kempster
Recorded At: Audio Sorcery (7 June 2013)

Story NotesEdit

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Production ErrorsEdit

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CD ReleaseEdit

ISBN: 978-1-78178-271-2

External LinksEdit

"Battleground" at


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