Federation representative on Mecron II, supervising the mining of Feldon crystals for twelve years. Before work could commence he had to persuade the high priests of the native inhabitants that he had been sent by the gods to claim the crystals, which he did by having anyone but himself who wore a necklace of feldon crystals shot by an automatic laser rifle. He was fond of elaborate games, many played with and controlled by his computer, Gambit. He asked Avon for rescue, but later tried to make a deal with Servalan and trapped Dayna, Tarrant and Gerren underneath the launch area on Mecron II. He locked the feldon panels of Orbiter and the controls of Alpha 3 onto Cygnus XL, a black hole, presumably in an attempt to kill Scorpio's crew. It would seem likely that he was pulled into Cygnus XL himself, although this is unclear.

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