Big Finish have been producing Blake's 7 Books and Audio Adventures since 2011

Big Finish Productions is a production company and publisher, which produces CDs, downloads and books, based on various cult TV shows, books and other media. They are notable for their extensive range of Doctor Who stories.

Following a licensing deal with B7 Media in July 2011 they began producing Blake's 7 audio and prose stories. [1]

Audio storiesEdit

The following list shows all the Blake's 7 audio stories.

The Liberator ChroniclesEdit

The Liberator Chronicles is a series of audio dramas which is released three at a time in boxsets.

The Classic Audio AdventuresEdit

In 2013 the first full cast audio was released; Warship, which launched a full series of full cast audio stories in January 2014 – The Classic Audio Adventures starring most of the original cast.


Big Finish have also released the original novels based on the television series universe and characters.


  1. B7 Media press release, London, 4th July 2011