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The fake Cancer was in reality an actor hired by the genuine Cancer as part of her convoluted scheme to kill the Scorpio crew. Portrayed by John Wyman.


The actor had been a captive slave on the planet Domo when he was bought by Servalan and given to Cancer. Cancer persuaded him to adopt the identity of a fearsome assassin despite the possibility he might be killed. According to Cancer his reward would be that they would 'go off together' afterwards, suggesting that either Cancer was considerably more persuasive or the actor considerably more gullible than would otherwise appear to have been the case.

The actor stayed in character throughout, getting the drop on Avon and Tarrant, and also successfully engaging the latter in hand-to-hand combat. He was taken prisoner and tied up in the hold of Cancer's ship. Cancer released him only to kill him, later saying 'he was getting to be a nuisance'.

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