Fractures cover
Series: Big Finish Classic Audio Adventures
Season number: 1
Story number: 1
Blake's 7 crew: Avon (Paul Darrow)

Vila (Michael Keating)
Jenna (Sally Knyvette)
Cally (Jan Chappell)
Travis (Brian Croucher)
Zen/Orac (Alistair Lock)

Recurring villains: None
Writer: Justin Richards
Script editor: Unknown
Director: Ken Bentley
Producer: Unknown
Copyright date: 2014
Broadcast date: January 2014
Format: 1 episode
Production code: BFPB7FC002
Previous story: None
Next story: Battleground
Publisher: Big Finish


An attack by Travis and a squad of Federation pursuit ships leaves the Liberator damaged, its engines in desperate need of repair.

Blake is forced to take his ship into The Derelict Zone, which is filled with hundreds of drifting spacecraft that never made it out alive...

The same fate awaits his crew. Because the time long expected has come... one of them has turned traitor.


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Written By: Justin Richards
Directed By: Ken Bentley
Sound Design: Alistair Lock
Music: Alistair Lock
Cover Art: Damien May
Recorded At: Audio Sorcery

Story NotesEdit

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Production ErrorsEdit

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CD ReleaseEdit

ISBN: 978-1-78178-270-5

External LinksEdit

"Fractures" at


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