Belkov's computer; Gambit was the only thing he trusted. Based on a Federation class Alpha 197 model, Gambit had been extensively modified with parts from other computers, including a number of units from a pleasure planet computer and numerous games. Orac noted that many functions had been added or disconnected at whim, and Gambit contained much redundant circuitry. Vila Restal persuaded it to release a circuit to allow Orac to deduce the games sequence in Belkov's Orbiter. The computer had its own defence system to prevent unauthorised tampering, and killed one of Servalan's troopers. Like Orac, Gambit mirrored some of the logic of its creator and was a skilled games player and strategist. It could communicate vocally, and had been given a female persona. Gambit obeyed the self-destruct sequence issued (with notable sadness) by Belkov, but refused to relinquish control of his Alpha 3 vessel. It did allow him to lock his controls and those of Orbiter's feldon panels onto Cygnus XL. (D: Games)