Script for Horizon by Allan Prior

Directed by Jonathan Wright Miller

(c) 1978 by the British Broadcasting Corporation. Series created by Terry Nation. This is a partial dialogue transcript for research purposes and is not for sale under any circumstances. Format (c) 1993 by Susan Clerc and Micky DuPree.

Dramatis Personae:

Roj Blake Gareth Thomas Jenna Stannis Sally Knyvette Kerr Avon Paul Darrow Cally Jan Chappell Vila Restal Michael Keating Olag Gan David Jackson Zen Peter Tuddenham Orac Peter Tuddenham The Kommissar William Squire Ro Darien Angadi Selma Souad Faress Assistant Kommissar Brian Miller Chief Guard Paul Haley Walk-ons: Kelly Varney Mark Kirby Martin Clarke Al Wade David Charles Paul Bassett Ceri Morgan Adrian Varcoe Paul Strike Jay Eden Winn Samura Khan Mike Kenwright Paul Menzies David Pople Brian Chaplin Les Hill John Curry Jennifer Ellen Varlerie Hastings

[Exterior of Federation freighter en route to Horizon]

[Vila's, then Jenna's, face superimposed on starfield]

[Liberator flight deck. Avon enters. Cally gives Blake some clear blue liquid]

BLAKE [Accepts] Thank you. Tell me the bad news first. [Drinks]

CALLY Your headaches are from the same source as Vila's stomach cramps and Avon's back pains: over-stress.

BLAKE Rubbish. I'm all right.

CALLY No, you're not. None of us are. We're all in an early stage of fatigue shock. Too many crises. Too many calls on our physical and mental reserves. All of us are dangerously exhausted.

AVON We're also a long way out and still running. Why?

JENNA We lost those patrol ships ages ago.

VILA We lost everything ages ago. Nothing comes this far out.

BLAKE So we're free for the time being anyway.

VILA This is freedom? I'm -- I'm going blind staring at these detectors.

AVON Why are we here, Blake?

CALLY We need rest soon.

VILA Absolutely right. What I wouldn't give for a week at one of the old Federation Rest Centers. Sensory ecstasy hours, pleasure machines ... ohh. [Blake rubs the bridge of his nose, Jenna rubs her throat as Vila speaks]

CALLY You have to accept these findings.

BLAKE I accept them. But where are WE going to find a center that will take US in for a month's rest and rehabilitation?

VILA Well, that shouldn't be a problem. I mean, what's the point of being famous if you can't get a last minute booking?

ZEN Information. Manual detectors are showing Federation freighter on collision course.


ZEN [Partially overlapped as Vila and Blake speak] Repeat: Federation freighter on collision course.

VILA He's right.

BLAKE Zen, how far away?

ZEN Five hundred spacials.

BLAKE Course and speed for avoidance?

ZEN Standard by one-half. Vector one one zero.

BLAKE Jenna.

JENNA Standard by one-half. Vector one one zero.

BLAKE Estimated nearest on that course, Zen.

ZEN One hundred and fifty spacials.

BLAKE Will the freighter have us on his detectors?

ZEN Negative. Freighter is operating minimum scan.

AVON What's a freighter doing this far out? He's in Zone Eight already. Where the hell is he going?

BLAKE Zen, plot of the freighter's course?

ZEN Freighter's course is one oh four grid.

BLAKE That'll take him into Zone Nine.

AVON So we are free of the Federation.

BLAKE Persistent, aren't they?

AVON Let's just get out of his way.

BLAKE It was you that asked the question. Where are they going? We're hiding, already on the edge of the spiral rim. He's going further out. Zen, give us a course and speed where we can observe out of range of the freighter's detectors. [Blake has been rubbing his throat again and continues to do so]

AVON I'm sorry I mentioned it.

VILA Aren't we all?

ZEN The freighter's present course will take it into Zone Nine in four hours at present speed.

BLAKE Where in Zone Nine?

ZEN The freighter is on course for the only habitable planet in Zone Nine.

BLAKE Which is?

ZEN Code-named Horizon.

BLAKE "Horizon"?

AVON Code-named by whom?

ZEN Data was obtained via Federation cipher. Data also suggests that it is visited annually by a Federation supply freighter.

BLAKE Carrying what?

ZEN There is no information.

BLAKE What are the surface conditions on Horizon?

ZEN Negative information.

BLAKE Population?

ZEN Negative information.

BLAKE Well, is there any information on Horizon?

ZEN Negative.

BLAKE Well, is the information on Horizon classified?

ZEN Negative information.

VILA Well, that was a whole lot of nothing.

JENNA Course, please.

BLAKE Maintain present course.

JENNA [Disgruntled] If you insist.

CALLY You're not going to follow the freighter all the way to Horizon?

BLAKE Why not? I'm curious.

AVON Oh, you are curious. Well, I'm glad we have a worthwhile purpose.

BLAKE Doesn't it interest you a little?

AVON No. There's nothing out there. We are on the edge. Even Zen has nothing on it. That could mean anything. An experimental war zone, anything.

BLAKE That freighter's gone to Horizon for some good reason.

AVON Which is more than you can say for us.

[Teleport section. Gan is working at the console. Orac is nearby]

CALLY [Enters] How is the lesson?

GAN Difficult.

CALLY Well, Orac isn't exactly the ideal teacher.

GAN Well, I'm not exactly the ideal pupil.

ORAC That is because you are too easily distracted.

[Flight deck]

ZEN Planet visual is now available. [Horizon appears on main screen]

JENNA Still holding course, Standard by Two.

BLAKE Freighter's speed?

ZEN Time Distort Six.

BLAKE Freighter's planetfall?

ZEN Twenty-three minutes at present speed.

JENNA Any course correction?

BLAKE No, hold course as plotted.

JENNA Holding course as plotted. Blake, I'm tired. Can I go on automatics?

BLAKE No. Well, who knows what we might run into?

AVON What's that? [The freighter encounters a magnetic barrier. The crew watch on the main screen]

BLAKE Well, whatever it is the freighter has sailed right through it.

AVON It doesn't mean we will. Pull back. Blake!

BLAKE [Pushes button on the force wall console] The force wall is activated. Zen, have you any information on Horizon's defenses?

ZEN Negative.

VILA There's a surprise. [Liberator hits the barrier. The interior of the ship is suffused with very bright light, as if the picture was over-exposed, and there is a strange, static-like noise]

[Teleport section]

GAN [With his arms around Orac] Orac, what's going on?

ORAC The Liberator is being attacked. The force wall has been activated. We are quite safe -- for the moment anyway.

GAN Glad you think so. Ohhhh...

[Flight deck]

CALLY [Holding onto entryway wall] What is it?

VILA Judgment Day.

AVON It's a magnetic barrier. Get out now. I told you it could be an experimental war zone. [Liberator clears the barrier]

VILA Ohh, I think I've got the bends. I have, I definitely have. [Grabs his stomach and curls up on the flight couch]

BLAKE [Rubs his stomach and neck] Zen, check systems status.

ZEN Confirmed.

AVON The magnetic barrier must have triggered automatically. The freighter was impervious to it, therefore its fuselage must've been demagnetized. Ours hasn't. If it hadn't been for the force wall, we would be a cloud of agitated atoms.

VILA I wish I was a cloud of agitated atoms!

CALLY Stabilizer shot. Now keep still [She applies the pad to Vila's arm. He relaxes]

VILA What was that?

CALLY One-third adrenalin, two-thirds soma.

VILA Soma, eh? I think I'll bottle it -- make myself a fortune. [He passes out]

CALLY He'll be sleepy now for about half an hour.

AVON That will be nice.

ZEN All systems intact. Energy loss from force wall zero point one seven. [Intercom chimes]

JENNA [Into intercom] Jenna.

GAN [V.O.] Do you need any help?

JENNA How are you feeling?

GAN [V.O.] Fine but-

JENNA [Cuts him off] Well stand by, I might need you. [Incoming message in coded beeps]

BLAKE Zen, what was that, permission to land?

ZEN Affirmative.

AVON It's all negative, the whole thing.

BLAKE Jenna, stay on manual. Speed Standard by half.

JENNA Right. Are you going down?

BLAKE Not yet. Zen, what's the freighter's position?

ZEN Freighter approaching landing site on Horizon. Scanner grid reference one one four.

AVON He's landing. Now we can be off, right?

BLAKE Jenna, stationary orbit. Then switch to automatics.

AVON Wrong. Zen, plot us a standby course out of here. You DO want a standby course out, don't you?

BLAKE Yes, of course I do. Thank you, Avon.

ZEN Standby course being prepared.

AVON Read out.

ZEN Confirmed.

BLAKE [Rubs his throat] Cally, what's the medical situation?

CALLY I've told you: we're all over-stressed. We've been in space flight and space crises a long time.

BLAKE Well, what about the old adrenalin and soma?

CALLY Well, that's the trouble. We're practically living on it. What we need are some natural relaxants, non-stress situations for a start. You know, we still have nervous systems.

BLAKE I wonder what Horizon's like. It might be just what we need.

CALLY You're not going down there?

BLAKE Yes, I think I will. Jenna, I want you to come with me.

JENNA Right. [Into intercom] Gan, take over, will you?

CALLY But I could come --

BLAKE No. Zen, take us in to within teleport range -- two miles from the landing field at grid reference one oh two. What are the surface conditions?

ZEN Detectors indicate that surface conditions are tolerable -- breathable atmosphere.

[Exterior shot of Liberator approaching Horizon]

[Blake and Jenna enter teleport section. The intercom chimes]

GAN [V.O.] Teleport range is confirmed.

BLAKE [Into intercom] All right Gan. Anything on the detectors?

GAN Not a thing. We're all alone up here.

BLAKE [V.O.] Make sure we stay that way.

GAN I'll try not to drop off.

JENNA Well, that's all right, assuming they haven't got a fix on us from the ground by now.

BLAKE No, it'd be raining plasma bolts if they had.

JENNA Why exactly are we going down?

BLAKE The Resistance needs a base, Jenna. [Accepts bracelet] Thank you. Somewhere to operate from.

JENNA And this could be it?

BLAKE Well, it's as good as any other. We know the Federation only visit it once a year. It's on the edge of the spiral rim. Oh, hell, I'm tired of running, Jenna. We must get at least one planet behind us.

JENNA And why are you taking me with you?

BLAKE I trust you to back me.

JENNA Thanks. But there's more to it than that. You were very deliberate.

BLAKE Covering the angles.

JENNA Well, how do you mean?

BLAKE Avon might run. [Avon enters quietly in the background] But he probably won't without a first-class pilot. He, um, plays the percentages.

JENNA Unlike you.

AVON I am ready if you are.

BLAKE Put us down.

[Blake and Jenna materialize on the planet surface surface amid lush tropical foliage and large rock formations]

BLAKE [Into bracelet] Down and safe. Can't see anyone around. Out. [To Jenna] Come on. [They move off and are detected by a scanner - a thin metal rod - camouflaged in a plant]

[Palace throne room. The palace walls and throne are of dark rock engraved with leaf patterns. Some of the columns are carved to resemble tree trunks. The overall effect is cave-like. Ro, dressed in a burgundy uniform, enters and flips a switch on a box by the throne. A scanner screen appears on the wall, showing Blake and Jenna as they walk through the forest and rocks]

JENNA ...right when she says we're out of condition.


JENNA I said, "Cally's right when she says we're out of condition."

RO [Into intercom] Guard. Strangers in Theta Section. Take them.

GUARD Yes, sir. [To other guards and a native] Theta Section, quickly.

[Blake and Jenna find a ravine and look down at the entrance to a mine. Primitives are loading baskets with rocks]

BLAKE Careful.

JENNA What are they doing? [Ro is still watching them on his scanner screen]

BLAKE Mining, I suppose. [Into bracelet] Liberator, there seem to be some sort of mines here. Federation guards everywhere. We'll keep in touch. [O.O.V., to Jenna] Come on. [Two guards and a native follow them. The native shoots Jenna, then Blake, with darts from a blow gun and they pass out]

RO [Into intercom, still watching on scanner screen] What are those things on their wrists?

GUARD Some sort of communicator, sir.

RO [Into intercom] Bring them both to the palace. Remove the communicators first.

GUARD Yes, sir.

[Teleport section. Avon enters, followed by Gan. Vila is seated at the console, drinking green liquid]

GAN What's happening?

AVON Nothing. They should've called in again by now.

VILA [His speech is very relaxed, almost slurred] Maybe they found a Rest and Rehabilitation Center and they're lying there, soaking up the sun rays.

GAN You're fit again, I see.

VILA Oh, I never felt better. I'd be happier if this vitamin solution had a slug of soma in it. [Cally enters] Any chance, Cally?


VILA A slug of soma -- from the medical supplies?

CALLY [To Avon] I think they're in trouble.

AVON You just think so?

CALLY I feel it.

AVON Wonderful. We have all the resources of Zen, Orac, and the Liberator, and you FEEL that they are in trouble. You do not FEEL it, you REASON it. They have not called in, therefore they must be in trouble. You don't have to be telepathic to know that.

VILA Oh, come on, Avon, give the girl a chance. I'd say she knows a few things that even you don't understand. [Avon approaches him] Well, I'd say so, anyway.

AVON A fifth-grade ignorant, and you would say so, would you?

VILA Well, I never had a chance, did I? I chose the wrong parents.

CALLY I'm going down.

VILA You can't do that, Cally.

CALLY They are in trouble. Someone must go down.

GAN I'll go.

VILA Gan'll go.

GAN And Vila will go with me, won't you Vila?

VILA Will I?

GAN Well, It'd be stupid to go on my own. And you wouldn't want to send Cally in your place, would you?

VILA Probably not. What about you?

AVON What about me?

VILA Why don't you go?

AVON YOU are expendable.

VILA And you're not?

AVON No, I am not. I am not expendable, I'm not stupid, and I'm not going.

GAN I'll get the guns.

[Palace. Blake and Jenna are strapped to racks in a room separated from the throne room by a row of columns]

BLAKE [Coming to] Ohh..

RO Who are you?

BLAKE Who are YOU?

RO Why have you come here?

BLAKE I don't remember being given a choice. Who are you?

RO I'm Ro. I rule this planet.

BLAKE Do you? I thought it was a Federation colony.

RO I dislike the word "colony."

BLAKE Which word would you prefer?

RO I rule here, and you're my prisoners.

BLAKE I dislike the word "prisoner."

JENNA [Coming to] Oh.

BLAKE Are you all right?

JENNA Blake.

RO Your name is Blake. How did you get here? How did you get through the barrier?

BLAKE I'll ask you again. Is this a Federation colony?

RO I am my own man. I'll have you killed unless you answer my questions.

BLAKE You sound like a Federation man.

RO Are you against the Federation?

BLAKE Well what do you think?

RO I think you are, yes.

BLAKE Does the Federation frighten you?

RO Of course not.

JENNA Then you must be part of it.

RO You're Resisters. You are, aren't you?

JENNA No one resists the Federation.

RO I don't want to hurt you.

BLAKE You already have.

RO Others may do more. You'd be wise to tell me. Be sensible.

BLAKE What others? The ones that came on the Federation freighter?

RO What do you know about them?

[Throne room. The Kommissar and Assistant are dressed in uniforms like Ro's]

ASSISTANT [Shoos out some natives] I've been stuck in this pesthole for two years.

KOMMISSAR Two somewhat unproductive years.

ASSISTANT Not my fault.

KOMMISSAR You are the Colonial Service representative.

ASSISTANT Ro is not easy to deal with.

KOMMISSAR Well, when he was a pupil at the C.E.C. I found him quite -- malleable.

ASSISTANT Yes? Well, I think you may find he's changed a bit since then. He's not exactly a pupil now. And you're no longer a teacher.

KOMMISSAR I think you'll find my relationship with Ro is unchanged. To him I shall always be a respected tutor, just as to you I shall always be a respected superior.

RO [Enters] Kommissar.

KOMMISSAR Ro. It has been too long.

RO An unlooked for pleasure. I welcome your return to my planet.

KOMMISSAR I would've come sooner -- pressure of office.

RO And we are far from the Federation's heart?

KOMMISSAR But not from mine, which pains me that all is not well with you.

RO In what way, Kommissar?

KOMMISSAR The quotas have fallen far short of what we had hoped. The Assistant Kommissar will have put this to you, I think?

RO He has.

KOMMISSAR Well, we can talk about that. He also tells me you have visitors.

RO Yes.

KOMMISSAR Show me. [The scanner screen comes on and pictures of Blake, then Jenna, appear as the conversation continues]

RO The man's called Blake.

KOMMISSAR How did the spaceship get here?

ASSISTANT Something triggered the shield. It should've been destroyed. Obviously, it wasn't.

KOMMISSAR Then plainly they have a force field of some kind -- very advanced technically.

RO What do you suggest, Kommissar?

KOMMISSAR What else have you found out about them?

RO There are others on their ship.


RO I think they're Resisters.

KOMMISSAR Really? I've heard of people who resist. I've never seen one before. This could be interesting. Let us begin.

ASSISTANT Sir. [They walk toward rack room. Kommissar stops and turns to Ro]

KOMMISSAR With your permission, of course. I take it I have your permission?

RO Yes, of course.

[Vila and Gan materialize on planet]

VILA [Off-balance, he falls into Gan] Ah! Sorry.

GAN [Into bracelet] Down safe -- in a sort of cavern. We'll climb out and find a better view. I'll call back every three minutes. Out. [A scanner detects them]

[Rack room. Blake and Jenna are subjected to some form of mental torture while still tied to racks]

BLAKE Look at me, Jenna. Concentrate. The whole idea is -- is to disorientate you.

JENNA It doesn't seem to help.

BLAKE When they ask questions, pretend you're dizzy.

JENNA I AM dizzy.

BLAKE Concentrate! They can't keep this up for much longer. [Jenna passes out] Jenna! [To their captors] All right you can stop. She's passed out. [The disorientor is switched off]

KOMMISSAR So you're a Resister. Some malfunction of the genes, I suppose. It throws up a Resister about every hundred thousand. Mostly they're detected in infancy.

BLAKE I was a late developer.

KOMMISSAR And the young woman? Oh, don't force me to repeat the treatment. [To Assistant] Bring the girl round. [Assistant crosses to Jenna and injects her with something] The damage to her will be extensive and permanent. You don't care, I see. [She revives] Very well. Double the input of the disorientor.

RO It'll kill them. [Kommissar looks at him] Before we know anything about them.

KOMMISSAR They'll talk before then. Of course, the decision is yours. [Ro hesitates] We await your orders, Ro. [Ro nods. The disorientor is switched on]

BLAKE Hang on, Jenna!

[Vila and Gan in forest]

VILA What is it?

GAN I thought I heard something. [A native shoots them with darts and they pass out]

[Rack room. The disorientor is still on]

BLAKE All right. All right, I'll talk. I'll talk. [Looks at Ro] To you. The people work in your mines are slaves. What is the death rate?

RO It's high.

KOMMISSAR But not unacceptable.

RO As you say, Kommissar.

BLAKE Why do you listen to this man? He is a servant, a lackey of the Federation. Send him home.

RO But the Federation are our friends.

BLAKE The Federation have all planets in slavery. You are their representative.

RO You don't understand.

BLAKE The ore is important to them, that much I understand.

RO It's important to us all. It's needed for the latest hyperspace ships that will send men into new galaxies. We're one of the only two planets with a rich seam of Monopasium two-three-nine

BLAKE Oh, Monopasium two-three-nine. No wonder your workers die.

RO Well, I wish it weren't necessary, but only ten percent die -- the Primitives.

BLAKE Well, aren't they human beings, Ro?

RO The Primitives? Every one a Primitive, working at the mines this very moment. Except ...

BLAKE When you are all dead, Ro, the Federation will use this as a booster planet to extend their empire further. With their new ships, with your fuel. You are digging your own graves, Ro. They code-named this place Horizon. It's an horizon you will never cross.

KOMMISSAR You see, Ro? You see how these people work? He tells you we are your enemy. How can that be? Without us you'd all be living in caves, as you were when the Federation first colonized you.

RO We may have lived in caves, but we did have our own culture. And our own weapons, which still have their uses.

KOMMISSAR You have no part of that now. You're one of us. At the Central Educational Complex, you were my most able scholar. The graduation order you wear was my personal gift.

RO I've not forgotten. I'm very proud of it, Kommissar.

KOMMISSAR Sometimes you don't behave as if you are. Behave like a ruler, Ro, not a savage. Hmm? [To Blake] Now, I want details of the spaceship and crew, and I want you to tell them to land. [In the background, the Assistant crosses to consult with a native]

BLAKE Not a chance.


KOMMISSAR [To Ro] I'll be back. [Leaves with Assistant]

RO Oh -- yes, Kommissar.

BLAKE "Yes, Kommissar. No, Kommissar." They've made you one of them. You're bought and sold, aren't you? Well, I shouldn't be surprised. I was told before I came here.

RO Who by? Who said that?

BLAKE One of your subjects, I presume. At least he spoke of Monopasium two-three-nine, and he spoke of someone called Ro. His name was Paura. But he didn't call this place "Horizon."

RO Silmareno.

BLAKE That's right.

RO The name's forbidden. You can't cling to the past. Paura shouldn't have spoken it.

BLAKE Huh! He probably thought he had nothing to lose -- under the circumstances.

RO Circumstances?

BLAKE He was on a Federation convict ship.

RO Paura?!? But I was told that --

BLAKE What were you told?

RO He was on a training course.

BLAKE We were on the same course. It led to a Federation prison colony Cygnus Alpha. Only Paura never reached there. He died. They dumped his body in space.

RO He was my friend. He must have misbehaved in some way. That's not my fault.

BLAKE I think it is. You know it is.

JENNA [Coming round] Oh.

BLAKE Jenna.

JENNA Oh, my head.

RO [Fetches some water] Here.

JENNA What is it?

RO Plain water. >From a stream.

JENNA Probably full of lethal bacteria. [Drinks some] Thank you. [To Blake] It tastes all right.

RO [To Blake] You want some?

BLAKE Thank you. You are a human being after all. [Drinks]

RO My people are poor and ignorant. I'm helping them to better themselves.

BLAKE How did your father die, Ro?

RO What?

BLAKE In a Federation prison colony too?

RO No. In an accident.

BLAKE Paura told me that your father would never have made his people slaves as you have done.

RO You're lying. Paura wouldn't have said that. He was my friend. He understood the needs of my people.

BLAKE Perhaps better than you do.

KOMMISSAR [From the entryway] Ro. Two more have been taken. They're being dealt with.

RO [Joins the Kommissar] What about these two?

KOMMISSAR Put them to work. It'll soon bring them to their senses. They'll be begging to help us before three time units are up.

[Mine interior. It's very cramped, with low rock ceilings. Blake chips rocks from the roof/wall with an axe. Primitives put rocks in baskets. Jenna and Selma chip at a pile of rocks with axes. Selma is dressed like a Primitive -- in cloth and vines]

JENNA What's your name?

SELMA I'm Selma. I'm not one of THESE people. I was to marry Ro.

JENNA So what are you doing here?

SELMA The Kommissar advised him to send me for training or whatever they call it. I refused to become what they wanted so I was sent here.

JENNA How long have you got to stay here?

SELMA Until I accept or until I die. And I shall die. In thirty time units from radioactivity.

GUARD [Puts down a large bowl of gruel] Food.

PRIMITIVE Wait! [Primitives fall back so Selma can pass. She takes a handful of gruel and withdraws. The Primitives descend on bowl]

BLAKE Leave it! [They stop] One handful, one at a time. [Points] You. [Points] Now you.

[Throne room]

KOMMISSAR [Enters and sees Ro watching Selma on the scanner screen] I thought you'd forgotten her.

RO [Switches off the scanner screen] No. Is it true my friend Paura died on a prison ship?

KOMMISSAR No, of course not.

RO The resister said so.

KOMMISSAR Yes, I heard the report.

RO How did my father die?

KOMMISSAR You know how he died.

RO You wouldn't lie to me?

KOMMISSAR Of course I wouldn't lie to you. We are as brothers, you and I.

RO What about the other two? What did we get from them? One of them needed two darts!

KOMMISSAR There was no telling when he'd regain consciousness so I had the guard hang him up as a warning.

RO The other one?

KOMMISSAR He's in here. [They walk toward the rack room. Vila is sitting up on a rack] He's a common thief, he confessed at once. The spaceship is heavily protected by a force field but the man is ignorant -- he knows nothing of its technical capacity.

RO What are you going to do with him?

KOMMISSAR Put him to work. It seems he's never done any in his life.

VILA [Rubs his temple] Work?

[Exterior of Liberator]

[Teleport section]

CALLY [Enters] Orac, where did you get this information? [Holds up a data card. Avon takes it]

ORAC I was instructed to obtain anything relating to the planet. The data was obtained by cross-referencing prisoner and execution lists. It is standard procedure.

AVON I don't see that it makes any difference now.

CALLY Well, Blake could find it very useful. [She takes back the card]

AVON A little late, surely.

CALLY They aren't dead.

AVON How do you know?

CALLY I know.


CALLY I tell you, I know.

AVON I think we should get out. I have a standby plot, I can put the ship on auto, Zen can fly us out. We can get away, Cally.

CALLY I'm going down.

AVON You're a fool.

CALLY Avon, I'm going down. This information could be vital.

AVON Listen. The others have vanished. They didn't even have time to call in. The only possible conclusion to draw from that is that they are dead.

CALLY They aren't dead.

[Mine entrance. Blake and Vila are in a line moving baskets]

VILA This is what I've been trying to avoid all me life.

BLAKE Yeah, well don't worry -- it won't last forever.

VILA So you say.

[Cally materializes and looks around]

CALLY [Into bracelet] Down. There's no sign of anyone else. I'll keep in constant contact.

[Mine entrance]

BLAKE You've got thirty time units. This stuff's radioactive.

VILA [Drops basket] What?

GUARD Pick that up.

VILA It's even worse than I thought. Look. [Points to Gan tied to a post]

[Teleport section. Avon is at the console]

CALLY [V.O.] Nothing to report yet.

AVON [Into console] Make it every half minute.

CALLY [V.O.] Right.

AVON Orac, have you obtained any further information on the planet Horizon?


AVON Why not?

ORAC Is that a serious question?


ORAC Please do not waste my time.

AVON [Into console] Cally. [Static] Are you there? Are you there? Cally! [Clicks off console] And then there was one. [Gets up and walks over to Orac] Orac, no further information is required on the planet Horizon. [Disconnects] I think it's time to leave. [Exits]

[Rack room. Cally is on a rack]

CALLY Was it -- was it you? Were you the executioner?

KOMMISSAR [O.O.V.] Your companions are still alive.

CALLY I feel it. You killed him. You killed him because he would not obey you.

KOMMISSAR What is she talking about?

RO She's a mystic, I think. I've seen this amongst my own people.

KOMMISSAR Rubbish. That stuff belongs to your tribal past.

CALLY His father. You killed his father.

KOMMISSAR We're wasting time.

RO No!

KOMMISSAR She's deranged. It's the poison from your darts, it's affecting her.

RO How could she know about my father? She's never seen him, never heard of him. How can she know he's dead?


CALLY Movo knew you for what you were.

RO She knows his name.

CALLY [To Ro] He killed your father. He did it with his own hands. [V.O., telepathically] And take great care -- he will kill you unless you kill him first.

KOMMISSAR Take her to the others. Let her use her mystic powers on them. [Assistant unstraps Cally]

RO Treat her gently! She has great gifts.

KOMMISSAR You know I sometimes think you're still half savage after all.

RO Perhaps I am.

KOMMISSAR She'll be dead soon. They all will.

RO Yes, I know. [They walk toward the throne room. Ro looks at the scanner screen which shows Selma at the mine] I must make a decision about Selma. If she is to die, it mustn't be there, like that.

KOMMISSAR She is a bad influence. She was dismissed from the Federation Training Complex for disobedience. She tried to make trouble here against the Federation. It is best to leave her where she is.

RO You're forever telling me to behave like a ruler, when I do you say I'm wrong!

KOMMISSAR Yes, that's true. Very well. Tell them to release her. But don't blame me when you find it's a mistake.

RO I will decide. IF I decide she is to die, I'll order it to be done quickly. [Leaves]

KOMMISSAR [To Assistant, who has just entered] Have you sent the girl off?

ASSISTANT Yes, sir. She makes me -- uneasy.

KOMMISSAR Superstition.

ASSISTANT Oh I -- I realize that.

KOMMISSAR Goes very deep with some, I know.

ASSISTANT Then -- how did she know?

KOMMISSAR Obviously she's had access to the records at some time.

ASSISTANT Kommissar, why don't we report all this to Federation Central Control?


ASSISTANT It's the logical thing.

KOMMISSAR Is it? Is it? Well, for one thing, they're out of signal range. All we could contact from here are some units of Space Security.

ASSISTANT They could relay your message.

KOMMISSAR They could.

ASSISTANT There are certain to be details of these Resisters in the central data banks. Then we would know what we are dealing with.

KOMMISSAR You're very thoughtful.

ASSISTANT Simple loyalty, Kommissar. I would not wish us to overstep the bounds of our -- duty here.

KOMMISSAR No. We must not do that.

ASSISTANT Then I think I must advise Central Control in all our interests. [Begins to leave]

KOMMISSAR No. No. I don't need the central data bank. I already know who they are. Blake and his crew are the most sought after criminals in the galaxy.

ASSISTANT You've known that all along?

KOMMISSAR Of course.

ASSISTANT Then why haven't you done anything?

KOMMISSAR The reward for each of them is generous. Almost as generous as the reward for their spaceship.

ASSISTANT I have been out of touch.

KOMMISSAR Besides, I want to tame Blake myself. If he breaks, the others will. He will give us the spaceship. It will be a great achievement.

ASSISTANT And we get the reward?

KOMMISSAR I get the reward.

ASSISTANT What do I get?

KOMMISSAR My continued support.

ASSISTANT What about Ro?

KOMMISSAR Ro will do as I say.

ASSISTANT He's showing signs of rebellion.

KOMMISSAR He is not the man his father was.

[Mine interior]

VILA When do they let up?

BLAKE They don't.

GUARD You. [Signals to Selma] Come with me.

JENNA Where are you taking her?

VILA Does it matter? Can't be any worse than here.

CALLY Unless she's going to die.

BLAKE [Into a scanner] I want to talk with the Kommissar.

[Exterior of Liberator]

[Teleport section]

AVON If I go alone, can I pilot the Liberator indefinitely?

ORAC With the help of the automatics, of course you can.

AVON I know that.

ORAC Then why did you ask the question?

AVON [Smiles] I didn't. How long can I maintain myself?

ORAC Is that a question?


ORAC We have concentrated food for one person for a thousand years.

AVON And our power is self-regenerating.

ORAC Affirmative.

AVON Can you plot courses to keep out of the range of any known spaceship manned by the Federation?

ORAC The battle and navigation computers can handle that perfectly adequately.

AVON I asked if YOU could.

ORAC Of course, should it be necessary.

AVON Failing that, we are powerful enough to resist all but an attack by three Federation pursuit ships at once.

ORAC Is that a question?

AVON No. If we go now, we can sail the universe for as long as we like in reasonable safety, provided we keep out of everybody's way and we do not do anything rash.

ORAC No data available to answer the question -- if it was a question.

AVON I put it to you as a possibility. I request the odds.

ORAC The odds would be three point five to one on survival.

AVON Therefore I do not need Blake, I do not need any of the others ...

ORAC Is that a question?

AVON ... I do not need anybody at all.

ORAC Is that a question? I -- I -- I must ask you to be more specific.

AVON Shut up, Orac.

[Throne room. Selma, now in a blue dress, stands beside Ro, who is seated on his throne. Blake is escorted in by Assistant]

KOMMISSAR As you see, Selma is restored to her proper status. And she can stay here if she's willing to be sensible. You, too, can be restored to civilization if you're willing and sensible.

BLAKE I'm glad for her. And for you, Ro. Congratulations. I'm sure your father would have approved.

KOMMISSAR You asked to talk to me. My assistant is ready to take a statement.

BLAKE I've no statement to make, simply a proposition.

KOMMISSAR And what is that?

BLAKE Keep me. Take me back to the Federation when you leave Horizon. Let the others go. Otherwise, Liberator will stay out there. And when you try to get away in your slow freighter, it will destroy you.

RO Can you do that?

BLAKE Oh yes.

SELMA Let them go. Let them all go. They mean us no harm.

KOMMISSAR We are at your command, Ro.

SELMA Please, Ro, please.

RO No. Not yet. I am the ruler here. Send him back to the quarry for now.

ASSISTANT Come along. You heard the ruler. [O.O.V. Blake leaves]

RO [To Selma] I'll think about it. [Selma looks at him] I said I'll think about it!

KOMMISSAR Well done, Ro.

RO They're brave people, and they've chosen their own way. You were wrong about Blake -- the Federation doesn't frighten him. [Kommissar nods to Assistant, who leaves]

[Avon walks around the flight deck. Coded beeps come in]

AVON Zen, what was that?

ZEN A message from the Federation freighter on the planet Horizon.

AVON What did it say -- decode.

ZEN It is in Federation code nine. Message reads, "Top priority signal to any Federation pursuit unit, from Kommissar, planet Horizon. Request assistance. Ruler of Horizon unreliable, am disposing of him. Rebel spaceship at grid reference ten by thirteen double-u zed. Request you destroy this spaceship at once. Also inform Federation Central Control of this action. Await confirmation."

AVON Has anybody else picked it up?

ZEN Negative. [More beeps come in]

AVON Decode.

ZEN From Federation Pursuit Flotilla Thirteen, to Kommissar, planet Horizon. Message reads, "Coming to your immediate aid. Regret cannot relay your message to Federation Central Control. They are out of range. Planetfall, two hours from now."

AVON How many pursuit ships in Flotilla Thirteen?

ZEN Three pursuit ships. [Avon laughs]

[Teleport section]

AVON [Snapping on a bracelet] What do these detectors look like?

ORAC Logic would suggest they are camouflaged -- in plants.

AVON Does logic suggest somewhere you can put me down without my being detected?

ORAC Difficult.


ORAC There is a place.

AVON [Pulls out his gun] Then get on with it.

ORAC Activating.

[Planet surface]

AVON [Materializes and looks around at the steep ravine, mist, and lush foliage] Marvelous. [Uses a small hand-held detector to find scanners and blasts them. Moves off. Spots Gan at the mine entrance] Well, well, well. So I'm not alone after all. [Shoots several guards. His last shot glances off a rock, narrowly missing Blake as he emerges from the mine]

BLAKE Missed.

[Throne room]

RO [Tries switches on the control box] It's a fault on the scanner, that's all.

SELMA No, it's been switched off. All the scanners in the palace are off, everyone has fled, there is no electronic communication anywhere on Horizon. You know what that means.

RO They've got everything under control.

SELMA Are you just going to let them kill you? And me?

RO Who said we were going to die?.

SELMA Those people in the spaceship, Ro -- you have one of their bracelets?

RO No, guards at the mines have got them.

SELMA We must try and contact them; they're our only chance. Ro!

RO No, I can't leave the palace. You go.

SELMA But what about you?

RO Go. Now!

SELMA I can't.

RO You must. I command it. [She leaves]

[Mine entrance]

BLAKE Orac, teleport us now. [They materialize on the ship]

AVON What now?

BLAKE I want the exact teleport coordinates on that palace.

[Rack room]

KOMMISSAR [Enters] Ro.

RO Kommissar. All the scanners are off. Why's that? So I can't call my guards for help?

KOMMISSAR Selma tried to run away. Did you know?

RO Where is she?

ASSISTANT [Enters holding Selma and a gun] Here.

RO Let her go.

KOMMISSAR She's no good to you, Ro. None at all. You must be rid of her. She should not have been brought back to the palace.

RO You are, I think, mistaken, Kommissar. She means us no harm.

KOMMISSAR She knows things about the Resisters nobody else knows. She's worked with them. They've told her things about the spaceship. We can still capture it.

RO She knows nothing.

KOMMISSAR Ro, remember our work together, the theories I taught you, the strategies. Now they must be practiced. You know we must question her.

RO I tell you she knows nothing we haven't already been told.

KOMMISSAR That we can find out. If not...

RO What do want of me?

KOMMISSAR Tell her to help us.

RO All right. Why not?

KOMMISSAR Now you're beginning to act like a ruler.

RO I try, Kommissar.

KOMMISSAR Of course you do.

RO I don't want to be a savage again.

KOMMISSAR Of course you don't. This way. [They walk into the throne room where the Assistant is preparing a torture device that resembles a small photocopier] Sit down, Ro. [Ro sits on his throne] [To Assistant] The minimum. [Assistant places Selma's hand on the torture device, lowers the flap over her hand, and switches the device on]

SELMA No, please.

KOMMISSAR Ro told you about their communicators, didn't you, Ro?

RO Yes, it didn't seem important.

KOMMISSAR Very well. Now, Selma, when you were in the mine, what did the Resisters tell you?

SELMA Nothing!

KOMMISSAR We need the truth, Selma.

SELMA Nothing! Nothing!

KOMMISSAR The truth, Selma.

SELMA Nothing! They didn't tell me anything! [She passes out]

RO She'll die if we do more of this. The pain will kill her, won't it?

KOMMISSAR There's no organic damage, but the pain will kill her, yes. Do you care?

RO No.

KOMMISSAR You must have felt something. You showed nothing. That means you are learning.

RO Yes, I hope I am.

[Teleport section. Avon is seated at the console]

BLAKE Have you got the coordinates yet?

AVON It takes time.

BLAKE There may not BE much time.

AVON Then stop distracting me.

[Rack room]

RO You're right. I've been foolish. I belong to the Federation.

KOMMISSAR I'm glad you're coming round to the truth, Ro. It would have hurt me to eliminate you.

RO You were thinking of that?


RO But we are as brothers.

KOMMISSAR Even so. For the good of the Federation.

RO The Federation.

KOMMISSAR We should be getting back.

RO Of course. Can I have a moment? I'm still shaking. My hands are sweating.

KOMMISSAR It can affect one like that -- the agony of an acquaintance.

RO Excuse me. [Leaves]

[Teleport section]

AVON All right.

BLAKE About time.

[Rack room. Kommissar spins around, startled. Ro enters in a ceremonial helmet, carrying a blowgun. The Assistant aims a gun at Ro. Blake materializes and shoots the Assistant. He then aims at the Kommissar, who is still staring at Ro. Ro advances and shoots a dart into the Kommissar. Blake looks at Ro. Kommissar collapses onto a rack]

RO You will die. It's the death serum. You planned our deaths.

KOMMISSAR I thought you were one of us, Ro. [Dies]

RO No, I'm not. Seems I never was.

[Flight deck]

AVON [Into intercom] Blake, where are you? Those pursuit ships will be here in five minutes. We have to be mobile to stand a chance. We're a sitting target here. [Throne room]

BLAKE [Into bracelet] One moment only, Avon. [To Ro and Selma] What about the Federation?

RO The last of their guards are dying now.

BLAKE They'll send more, sooner or later.

SELMA We will fight.

BLAKE I wish you luck, both of you.

SELMA Thank you.

RO You saved my life. While I live, you'll be welcome on Horizon.

BLAKE Still Horizon?

RO You can't return to the past.

BLAKE [Into bracelet] Liberator, teleport now. [To Ro and Selma] Good-bye.

RO Good-bye, Blake. [Blake teleports]

[Blake and Cally enter flight deck]

AVON About time. More last-minute heroics?

BLAKE [Walks toward the main screen] I thought that was your strong suit.

JENNA I have a course ready to go.

BLAKE Zen, position of those three ships on the main screen.

ZEN Four hundred spacials, closing at Time Distort Six, line astern.

BLAKE Line astern? That's new.

AVON A bright attack commander, lining up to hit us in exactly the same spot.

BLAKE Zen, can we withstand a plasma bolt attack from those three ships?

ZEN If they hit the same spot they could possibly destroy the Liberator. Battle computers advise against allowing them to do so.

VILA Let's get out of here!

JENNA Ready.

BLAKE Wait. We're already within strike range.

GAN Well, at least lets make it difficult for them.

BLAKE Twenty seconds, then hit it, Jenna.

VILA They'll murder us!

AVON Blake, they might be protected.

BLAKE I don't think so. And even if I'm wrong we still have a slim chance.

VILA A slim chance -- what more could we ask? [The pursuit ships are destroyed as they hit the barrier]

BLAKE [Exhales in relief and sits down on the flight couch] Jenna, take us out on the standby course.

JENNA Where are we heading?

BLAKE Later. Just clear Horizon.

GAN It was pretty close there for a moment, Blake.

JENNA Playing the percentages again?

BLAKE [Chuckles] Zen had nothing on Horizon's defenses. And Federation Control were keeping the place secret.

AVON [Moves from his flight position and stands behind Blake] It was reasonable for you to hope that routine pursuit ships would be unprotected, but in future, I would prefer something a little more reliable than hope.

GAN I mean, just sitting there.

BLAKE If we'd got underway, they would have changed course.

CALLY And we thought we were tired before.

VILA I'll tell you this, though: it beats work.

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