Described by Servalan as a "vulpine degenerate", Krantor was a powerful and important figure in Freedom City and, according to Chenie, actually ran the place. He welcomed Servalan personally, and agreed to deliver Docholli and Travis for a sum of 8 million credits. Krantor was forced to close the Big Wheel after Vila Restal had won 5 million credits, and then persuaded a somewhat drunken Vila to play the Klute at speed chess. Vila won, albeit by cheating, and Krantor was forced to watch Vila and Avon depart with their money.

Krantor dressed in an archaic manner supposedly modelled on the Prince Regent (possibly to celebrate Mardi Gras). He was seen at one point holding a white, long haired cat. While heavily flirtatious with Servalan, he later quipped, "Krantor wins both ways" while feeding sweetmeats from a tray to his manservant, Toise.