Race: Human
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Le Grand
Portrayed by: Martin Read
First Appearance: Voice from the Past
Last Appearance: Voice from the Past

Nagu was a rebel from Outer Gal, loyal to the planet's governor, Le Grand. He was on Asteroid P-K118 with a group of rebels including Ven Glynd and Shivan when the Liberator arrived at the asteroid. He briefly held Blake at gunpoint, before explaining Shivan's identity and that Glynd had defected to the rebels. When Avon and Jenna arrived, the group explained their plan to expose Servalan and her associates. Nagu, Glynd and Shivan returned to the Liberator with the trio. Nagu greeted Le Grand when she boarded the ship and seemed unhappy with her choice of Blake as the group's leader. He pulled a gun on Avon and Cally when they aimed their weapons at Le Grand and Glynd but Blake and Le Grand convinced all three to stand down. He was instructed by Le Grand to stay on the ship and look after Shivan when most of the party travelled to Atlay, despite his protests that his place was with her. He was stabbed in the back by Shivan, in reality a disguised Travis. He staggered to the flight deck to try and alert Avon and Cally to the danger to Le Grand before collapsing dead.

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