Script for Powerplay by Terry Nation

(c) 1977 by the British Broadcasting Corporation. Series created by Terry Nation. This is a complete dialogue transcript for research purposes and is not for sale under any circumstances Format (c) 1993 by Micky DuPree.

Transcription: Malcolm Mladenovic. Proofreading: Dave Owen.

Dramatis Personae:

Avon Paul Darrow Cally Jan Chappell Vila Michael Keating Servalan Jacqueline Pearce Tarrant Steven Pacey Dayna Josette Simon Zen Peter Tuddenham Klegg Michael Sheard Harmon Doyne Byrd Lom John Hollis Mall Michael Crane Zee Primi Townsend Barr Julia Vidler Nurse Catherine Chase Receptionist Helen Blatch [scene - Liberator teleport section, Avon, Dayna, Tarrant present]

TARRANT Summary execution is the usual punishment for boarding a Federation ship without authority. What are you doing on my ship? AVON Your ship? TARRANT That's right. [Klegg, Harmon and three other guards enter] KLEGG You were supposed to have searched the ship. These two should have been found. Where were you hiding? DAYNA We weren't hiding. We've... AVON We've only just realized there was anyone else on board. We were in a civilian ship that got caught up in the battle. We managed to dock our life capsule alongside this ship and come aboard. KLEGG Just the two of you? AVON We were exhausted and settled into a cabin. We've been sleeping for hours. TARRANT Have your men make another search and this time see they do it properly. KLEGG Harmon, you heard the officer. [Harmon and the other guards leave] TARRANT What's your name? AVON My name is Chevron, this is my wife, Dayna. KLEGG You have identification? AVON We lost everyhting when our ship was hit. DAYNA We were lucky to get out with our lives. TARRANT We've all been lucky, not many of our people survived the battle. Captain Del Tarrant. KLEGG Section leader Klegg.

[scene - Liberator flight deck] AVON [off-screen] Is this the way? TARRANT [off-screen] Straight ahead. [Dayna, Avon, Tarrant and Klegg enter] KLEGG When you came aboard was there anyone else on the ship? AVON No. TARRANT Does the name Blake mean anything to you? AVON Blake, it seems to me I know the name. He was a political agitator, wasn't he? TARRANT How about you? DAYNA No, the name means nothing to me. KLEGG Jenna Stannis, Kerr Avon, Vila Restal? AVON Never heard of them. Are they important to you? TARRANT Very. AVON Why? TARRANT Because this was their ship. DAYNA I thought you said it was yours? TARRANT Prize of war. AVON What do you want now, a deed of transfer, perhaps? TARRANT In a way, you see we can't navigate this ship. It's operating on computer programming and we can't get an override to manual control. DAYNA You mean the ship is doing whatever it wants? TARRANT That's right. Our guess is that before Blake and his crew abandoned the computer was instructed only to respond to recognised voice prints. If Blake or any of the others have survived they'll use a communicator link. The computer will identify the voice and then direct the navigation units to take the ship within teleport range of the transmission source. AVON You need one of the original crew back on board to put the ship under your control. KLEGG That's exactly right. DAYNA Have you heard any transmission yet? TARRANT Thousands of them. The communication channels are thick with distress calls. But there is one, one special one, keeps coming in every hour or so. It's a long way off, a very weak signal. But every time we hear it the computer registers a power surge as if it was reacting to the voice. AVON If your theory is correct, it could be a member of the crew. TARRANT We think so. The ship's gone into direct line flight now, it could be homing in on the signal. KLEGG But just before it settled on this flight path the ship went through some very precise manoeuvres which took it close to a planet. AVON A navigational check, presumably. KLEGG Yes, maybe. But shortly after that you two appeared. AVON Coincidence, pure coincidence. KLEGG I do not believe in coincidence, pure or otherwise. AVON I don't care what you believe in, why should you doubt me? TARRANT You'll find Section Leader Klegg doubts everything. He even questions my superior rank. KLEGG I accept that your rank places you in authority, sir; but my reports will show that my men and I boarded this ship before you. TARRANT Oh, don't worry, you'll get all the credit you deserve. KLEGG Thank you, sir. Now in the meantime and with your permission I suggest we confirm that neither of these two are members of Blake's crew. TARRANT You have my permission to try. KLEGG You will each speak a line into the computer's audio command circuit. If the computer does not recognise the voice it will not respond. TARRANT Would you mind? AVON As a matter of fact I would. I am getting a little tired of these insinuations. Loyal Federation citizens do have certain rights. We will not submit to being interrogated like common criminals. I warn you, I have a number of influential friends. KLEGG [points gun at Avon] Over here. You will say "Indicate if my voice pattern is registered in the memory banks and confirm identity." [To Dayna] You say it. DAYNA Indicate if my voice pattern is... KLEGG Is regisistered in the memory banks... DAYNA Is registered in the memory banks and confirm identity. KLEGG You're clear. [to Avon] You.. say it.. [fight - Avon and Dayna are both knocked out by Tarrant] KLEGG Why did you do that? TARRANT He was reaching for a gun. KLEGG She could've killed me. TARRANT She wasn't exactly gentle with me. [Harmon and a guard enter] GUARD What happened? TARRANT He went for a gun. He wasn't going to chance taking the voice test. KLEGG There are no weapons on him, he's unarmed. TARRANT Are you sure? KLEGG There's nothing! TARRANT I must be getting jumpy. KLEGG We've still got to check his voice print. TARRANT Not yet, he's out cold. [To guards] Lock them up somewhere. [Harmon and guard drag out Avon and Dayna, still unconscious]] KLEGG If you'd been a bit less sudden we'd have known the truth by now. TARRANT Or you might have had the back of your head blown off. VILA [on communicator] Zen, do you read me, Zen? Please respond if you are receiving. TARRANT It's him, same distress call, same frequency. KLEGG Still a long way off. VILA [on communicator] Oh come on, Zen, say something will you? Look, I'm in bad trouble. I need help. TARRANT Look. The computer's responding. VILA [on communicator] Look, it's very lonely where I am, wherever it is. I'm cold and I'm miserable and I'm hurt and I'm hungry. TARRANT Instruments are registering a change of course. The ship's locking on to the signal. KLEGG We were right, it is one of Blake's people. TARRANT And we're heading towards him. VILA [on communicator] Now be reasonable. All I ask is that you let me know that you're getting my signal. I don't want a long conversation. I'm not interested in the latest news, just confirm that you hear me. Come in! KLEGG All these instruments are reading. The ship's transmitting back to him. TARRANT But he's not getting it, maybe a fault in his receiver. VILA [On communicator] Call yourself a computer? You're an idiot, Zen. You should have been melted down for scrap years ago. [scene switch - to Vila on surface of a planet] You electronic moron. Ooh. Help me will you, Zen. I'm in bad trouble. [Pause. A growl in the undergrowth] [to himself] Sounds big and bad tempered, I just hope it's vegetarian. Is there anybody there? There's something moving out there, men. Keep your weapons ready. Yes sir. Now don't be nervous men. There are ten of us, and all heavily armed. I just hope that whoever's out there has the good sense to leave us alone. I'm going to give them ten seconds to get away from here. One, Two, Three, ... Hold your fire men. I'm a humane man. I'm going to give them another ten seconds. The poor devils don't know that it's certain death if they attack us. One, [Notices Lom's spear next to his head] Two. Aghh, Ahh, ohh oh oh. LOM You are hurt? VILA Yes, it's my arm. I think it's broken. LOM It has affected your mind, I think. VILA My mind? LOM You were talking to yourself in different voices. VILA Ah no. No, no, no, no. I was talking to my men. Communicator. My men are positioned all around here. I give them their orders through this and I can hear them answer. LOM We've been watching you. You are alone; and you do not need to explain to me about communicators, I am quite familiar with them. VILA Oh. Well that seems to cover everything. LOM You were in a space accident? VILA Accident? It was a full scale war. There was this alien battle fleet... LOM [interrupting] I would like to hear more about it when you are rested and fed. Are you hungry? VILA Starving. LOM [Whistles] Let me see your arm. My name is Lom. VILA I'm Vila, pleased to meet you. Ooh. LOM Yes, you are right, it is broken. It will have to be set. VILA Will that hurt? LOM A little. VILA Oh, it's just I'm not very good with pain. It's not that I'm a coward or anything. It's just that I have a very low pain threshold. Hardly a threshold at all, actually. [Mall arrives] LOM Vila, this is Mall. [to Mall] He's very hungry, give him something. I have to mend his arm. I think when this is done it would be safer if you come back with us to our camp. There are hunters in this area. VILA Hunters, what are they after, big game? LOM No. Us! Hold him. VILA Oaahhh!

[scene - a cabin on the Liberator] DAYNA I'm sorry, I let you down. AVON Let me down? DAYNA There were only two, I should have been able to kill them both. AVON We all have our off days. Anyway there were four other guards hanging around. DAYNA I could have dealt with them. AVON I'm sure you could, but it's not all bad. If I had spoken, Zen would have identified me. This way we've bought ourselves a little more time. DAYNA How do we use it? AVON To start with we get out of here. DAYNA And once we're out? AVON This is my ship.

[scene - guard outside cabin door, rises and nods to someone approaching]

[scene - inside the cabin again, Avon is picking the lock] DAYNA You want me to try it? AVON Are you any good with locks? DAYNA No, but then neither are you, by the look of it. AVON You should never judge by appearances. DAYNA I don't, I judge by results, and you're not getting any. AVON Wrong again. [opens door - they find a dead guard outside with a knife in his back] AVON That's a difficult way to commit suicide. DAYNA Maybe he was cleaning it and it went off. [exeunt, Klegg and Tarrant arrive] TARRANT He's dead - killed with his own knife. KLEGG Do you still doubt that our friend is one of Blake's men? TARRANT No. Let's find them, get your men.

[scene - a passageway in the Liberator, Avon and Dayna enter, Avon opens an inspection hatch] AVON Quickly. [they climb down through the hatch and put it back in place above them. Tarrant enters, sees hatch; it is clear he is suspicious] TARRANT I want every inch of this ship checked. Right, move!

[scene - Dayna and Avon in inspection channel] TARRANT [off screen] Search everywhere, every possible place. DAYNA What do we do now? AVON These inspection channels link up all over the ship. A little narrow in places, but we can get almost anywhere we want. DAYNA They're not going to give up on us. AVON They might, with a little encouragement. We have to take the pressure off so that I can talk to Zen. DAYNA Is it worth the risk? AVON The way the ship is acting it's obvious we're on our way to pick up another one of the crew. DAYNA And you need to know who and where. AVON Last word I got Blake and Jenna were still alive. There was nothing on Vila and Cally but that does not necessarily mean that they are dead.

[scene - a fish-shaped hospital ship; Cally lying on a bed, a nurse enters] NURSE Don't be alarmed, we're going to make a surface landing. CALLY More survivors from the battle? NURSE Just one, apparently. We picked up a voice signal a couple of hours ago. We're homing in on it now. It will be a quick touchdown and immediate lift-off. The local inhabitants are hostile, apparently. Ah, let's see how your burns are healing. CALLY How many survivors have you picked up now? NURSE This will make sixty-four. Feel any discomfort there? CALLY No. NURSE Yes, sixty-four. We're almost at capacity, we'll be on our way home after this pickup. Does that hurt? CALLY A little tender. NURSE I'm not surprised. When we pulled you out of your life capsule you were badly scorched. CALLY It was lucky you found me. NURSE Hm, that's what we're here for. You're doing fine. The new tissue's forming up. A few hours and you'll be able to take the regen mask off for good. [ship touches down in a barren, rocky landscape.] Absurd. No matter how many flights I make I'm always relieved when we touch down safely. Not very inviting is it? CALLY Not very. I imagine that survivor must be quite pleased to see us. NURSE Let's hope we were in time. Hm, we'll soon be on our way home. CALLY Where is home? NURSE Our planet, you mean. It's called Chenga. It was settled about two hundred years ago. CALLY Was it aligned to the Federation? NURSE No, neutral. We keep to ourselves. CALLY Well then, why are you getting involved now, why are you picking up survivors? NURSE That's quite enough talking. You still need to get plenty of rest. We're lifting off. CALLY That was fast. NURSE We had a very precise locator reading. I'll go and see what sort of state our new visitor is in. [The Nurse leaves, then returns with Servalan] NURSE We have a new guest. [to Servalan] You can settle in there.

SERVALAN You're very kind. And now if you would be good enough to tell your Captain I would like to see him. I have a great deal to do and very little time. So please see to it, immediately. NURSE I'll see he gets the message.

SERVALAN Good. That will be all for the moment.

[scene - the forest on the planet's surface] LOM We will rest. VILA Much further to go? LOM Not far. [to Mall] Scout the ground ahead. [To Vila] The hunters are out. VILA Who are these hunters? LOM They live to the north. They come to the forests to search for us. VILA Yes, but why? LOM Some treat it as a sport, most do it for the bounty. VILA Bounty? LOM The administration pays very highly, that's why there are many professional hunters. They are the most dangerous. VILA You mean they get paid for killing you? LOM Killing? No, it is far worse than that. VILA Worse! LOM Down! There. [ominous lights moving under the trees]

[scene - inspection channel on the Liberator, Avon and Dayna] AVON Sounds quiet enough. Are you ready? [She nods] [they move out of inspection tunnel and hurry off] [Harmon and a guard enter and spot handles left up on cover] HARMON We've found them. Keep it covered - I'll get the others. [leaves, someone else arrives] GUARD 2: We've got them.

[scene - another corridor, Klegg and a guard present, Harmon enters] HARMON We've found them. Section leader, we've found them. They're hiding in an inspection channel under the floor. TARRANT [entering] Right, let's get on with it. Lead the way.

[scene - AVON and DAYNA in escape capsule launch area] AVON I was afraid it might have been used, but it's all right. I shall have to check it for damage. DAYNA Check what? AVON Watch the corridor. DAYNA Avon, what are you doing? AVON In a way, I am making us invisible.

[scene - the corridor with the hatch, Tarrant, Klegg, Harmon and a guard] TARRANT Lift together. Now. [shot from Klegg's rifle down into the inspection hole]

[scene - life capsule launch control area] AVON All in perfect working order. DAYNA How much longer are you going to be? AVON If you were them where would be the last place you'd expect to find us? DAYNA I don't know. AVON What about the room they locked us up in, would you think of looking there? DAYNA No, I don't think I would. AVON When I give you the signal fire two shots. I don't want anyone to miss this.

[scene - back to corridor] TARRANT A little sudden, Klegg. KLEGG It's not my fault, he was already dead. TARRANT From the wound on his head he was probably just unconscious. KLEGG I can't be held responsible. TARRANT All right, Section Leader, you were too quick with your gun, but I'll see the report shows you were not to blame. KLEGG I shall be writing my own report on this. [2 shots are heard] TARRANT Stay here!

[scene - Tarrant arrives at life capsule launch controls] TARRANT They've launched a life capsule.

[scene - the cabin] AVON That should take the pressure off. DAYNA For a little while, anyway. What do we do next? AVON I must talk with Zen, find out what we have to do to help the others.

[scene - the corridor, Tarrant, Klegg, Harmon and the remaining two guards] KLEGG They made fools of us, we had them and they get away; killed two of us and escaped in a life capsule. None of that is going to look good on either of our records, sir! TARRANT Thank you, Klegg. I'm aware it's not likely to bring instant promotion. Still, we do have the Liberator. KLEGG Do we? Are you sure it's not the other way round? It's doing what it wants, going where it wants. Are you sure it hasn't got us? [All but Tarrant leave] TARRANT [to himself] I'm not really sure about anything.

[scene - surface of planet] LOM They're moving away. VILA Isn't that what we should be doing? LOM Shh. [Mall arrives. To Mall] You saw them, are they just the two of them? [Mall holds up four fingers] VILA Who are they? What are they? LOM We call them hi-techs - we must go. [Lom is shot with a suction dart, Mall throws his spear] VILA [to Mall] Is he dead? [Mall picks up Lom and hurries off, Vila gets lost following him] VILA Where are you? Where are you? [Vila is caught] ZEE He's not a primitve. BARR He was with them. ZEE Look at his clothes, he's not one of them. BARR It's not important, anyhow. ZEE Oh, the poor thing's hurt. BARR [To Vila] Here, let me help you. ZEE Can you understand what we say? VILA Oh yes. Yes, yes yes - every word. My ears're all right, it's my arm that's the trouble. BARR He speaks our language. VILA Are you from Earth? ZEE Our ancestors came from Earth VILA Oh, that's nice to hear, so do mine. Do you mind if I sit down? ZEE Of course. VILA Oh. BARR Are you hungry? VILA Well now you mention it, my last meal was interrupted. BARR I'll get you something. ZEE What's the matter with your arm? VILA Broken, nothing really. ZEE Let me see if I can make it more comfortable for you. BARR When you're ready we'll take you to the Centre. You'll get expert medical attention there. VILA That's very kind of you. You know, I thought I was going to be killed. ZEE We don't kill, our guns fire tranquilizing darts. We try to catch the primitives so they can be taken back to a more civilized way of life, so they can be of use to the whole community. VILA Well, there's nothing wrong with that. BARR We need the primitives. They're very important to us. Just as you are. VILA That's nice to hear. I can only tell you that after all I've been through it's nice to know I'm safe at last.

[scene - elsewhere in the forest, Lom and Mall] LOM Vila, the hi-techs got him? [Mall nods] May his soul rest in peace.

[scene - on the hospital ship] CALLY [telepathically] Vila, Vila, can you hear me?

[scene - in the forest] ZEE You'll hardly feel this. VILA Ohh.

[scene - on the hospital ship] CALLY Oh.

SERVALAN Are you all right? CALLY Yes.

SERVALAN Cally. What a delightful coincidence. I'm glad to see you came through more or less unscathed, fit to be brought to trial. CALLY Trial, by whom, Servalan? From the reports I've heard the Federation is finished. You lost control when Star One was destroyed.

SERVALAN After a war of that scale there was bound to be some disruption. But things will be under control again very soon. Don't ever doubt it. You and Blake and all the other traitors from the Liberator will be dealt with. CALLY But don't you understand, it's over. You're finished. You don't have power any more.

SERVALAN You think not? CALLY We're on a neutral ship heading for a neutral planet. Try giving some orders and see who obeys you. NURSE We're approaching home base and shifting into an entry orbit. We'll be on surface soon.

SERVALAN You told the Captain I wanted to see him? NURSE He's busy preparing for touchdown at the moment. I gave him your message, but I'm afraid he does have more pressing priorities. CALLY Not exactly jumping whenever you snap your fingers are they?

SERVALAN Not yet, but I've enjoyed authority too long to give it up easilly. I'll be giving orders again, and they'll be obeyed. When that happens I shall give a very special priority to you and your friend, Avon. CALLY Avon?

SERVALAN We met; briefly. CALLY Then he's alive.

SERVALAN The condition I hope is purely temporary.

[scene - cabin on the Liberator] DAYNA Must you do that? AVON It won't fit into any logical pattern. DAYNA What won't? AVON Who killed the guard and why? DAYNA Whh, he's just one less to deal with, do we care why? [pause] But why leave him sitting there? AVON To delay discovery and give the murderer a chance to get away. DAYNA A personal grudge, one of the others has been waiting for a chance to settle an old score? AVON That's a possibility. DAYNA Can you think of another? AVON Yes. Just one. There's someone else on this ship that neither they nor we know about. Stay here and stay quiet. DAYNA I'll come with you. AVON I can do it faster on my own. DAYNA Do what? Avon, why do you keep everything to yourself? Why so secretive? AVON Perhaps I'm shy. [Goes to leave] Anybody comes through this door, kill them. Anybody that isn't me, that is.

[scene - Harmon coming from store room, seen by Avon]

[scene - Liberator flight deck, Klegg, Tarrant and a guard] KLEGG Any deviation in the flight path? TARRANT Not for more than an hour. There's nothing on this heading except the planet Chenga. That's got to be where we're going. KLEGG Chenga? Never heard of it. TARRANT It's a neutral, small population. I'll check the references to see if there's anything especially significant. [Avon sees them and stays out of sight outside] KLEGG I'm going to take another look at that teleport system. If anyone comes aboard, that's the way they'll arrive. [Klegg and guard leave, followed by Tarrant, Avon enters] AVON Zen, I want a status check. Keep it down to basics, I don't have too much time. ZEN All systems are fully operational. Computers are responding to a program of search, locate and recovery. AVON Have you anything on Blake's whereabouts? ZEN His last voice transmission reported that he is safe and well and en route for the planet Epheron. AVON Epheron? ZEN It is a planet of the system Lauritol. It has several primitive life forms. AVON Don't give me the whole thing, I'll punch up the reference. What about the others? ZEN Jenna received superficial injuries in a life capsule malfunction. AVON Is she all right? ZEN She reports she is well and aboard a neutral cargo carrier in transit to the planet Morphenniel. She advises that her situation requires no priority treatment. AVON Cally? ZEN No contact. AVON Vila? ZEN He is injured and according to his last transmission in grave peril. Accordingly his recovery has been given maximum priority. AVON Where is he? ZEN The planet Chenga. Teleport range will be achieved in precisely three hours and eight point five minutes. AVON All right, continue recovery program. [Avon leaves the flight deck, an unconscious Dayna is dragged in by Klegg and a guard.] KLEGG Bring her round.

[scene - the Chengan forest] VILA I really don't understand what the primitives are so afraid of. ZEE When the planet was first colonized the settlers broke into two factions: those who wanted to live what they called the simple, natural life, growing their own food, building their own homes. VILA And the other faction? BARR Wanted to use every new scientific development to make life easier and more comfortable. To stamp out sickness and disease and create a safer, happier, prosperous environment. Through the use of high technology. VILA High technology - hi-techs. I see now, that's your side. ZEE That's right. VILA And the primitives are the others. ZEE Well, you've seen where their philosophy has taken them. They live like animals, half starved without proper food or medicines. BARR They'll never willingly give up their way of life. That's why we try to catch them with our drug guns. And when we do they make an invaluable contribution to our society. VILA It's a shame, they just don't know what they're missing. BARR Soon we'll reach the city and you'll be safe then.

[scene - Avon outside cabin on the LIberator] AVON Dayna? [he enters] HARMON Stand! Face that wall. Put your hands against it. [Harmon searches Avon for weapons] AVON May I turn round now? HARMON Carefully. TARRANT You got him. Good. A very impressive performance, I didn't believe anyone could stay out of sight for so long, but then you did have the advantage of local knowledge, didn't you Avon? AVON My name is... TARRANT Your name is Avon. AVON How did you know? TARRANT When we first came face-to-face. I said "What are you doing on my ship?". There were a dozen ways you could have answered, but you said "Your ship?". An innocent stranger wouldn't question who was in command. AVON Unless he was here first as I said I was. TARRANT No, Klegg's men would have found you. They had to make sure no one else was on board in order to claim the salvage prize money. Greed makes very efficient troopers. No, if you were here then you must have been hiding. I repeat, an innocent stranger wouldn't question who was in command. AVON I congratulate you, that's very nicely reasoned, a stupid lapse of concentration on my part. TARRANT Oh, don't blame yourself too much. AVON I'll try not to. TARRANT I imagine you've been under considerable stress. AVON I had hoped for a more inspiring epitaph. TARRANT So, after realizing you were one of Blake's people it was simple. You weren't Blake, I'd have recognized him. AVON And too intelligent for Vila. TARRANT It was an even bet. AVON Quite. TARRANT I still don't know who the girl is, though. AVON Her name is Dayna, she's not one of us. Where is she, by the way? TARRANT Do you care? AVON She did save my life. HARMON Shouldn't we take him to the flight deck, sir? Section Leader Klegg will want to question him. TARRANT When I'm ready, Harmon. AVON Klegg doesn't strike me as a subtle man. TARRANT He isn't. AVON So when I refuse to answer his questions we'll get into the dreary process of subjecting me to extreme pain and suffering. TARRANT Barbaric, but frequently effective. AVON Before we get into that there's something I think you should know. TARRANT Go on. AVON One of your men was murdered. HARMON Two. Two of our men were murdered. AVON Oh better than I thought. I wish I could say I was sorry. What I can say is: we didn't kill them. HARMON He's lying. AVON I think I know who it might have been. TARRANT Yes? AVON [indicating Harmon] Him. HARMON Why, you ly... TARRANT Easy Harmon. HARMON They were my friends. TARRANT Let him finish. AVON I saw him coming out of one of the sections, he was nervous, uneasy. I couldn't make anything of it until I remebered what was housed in that section. This ship carries considerable sums of various currencies, rare metals, precious stones and the like. He was coming out of the strong room. HARMON I was following orders, I was searching for you. AVON Show him the bag you have in your pocket. [they fight, Tarrant shoots Harmon as he is about to kill Avon] AVON The others must have known what he was up to. He didn't want to share with them. [Tarrant searches Harmon, finding and emptying a bag of gems.] TARRANT You made a good case, Avon, there was only one thing wrong with it. AVON What was that? TARRANT He didn't kill those men. I did. [Gives Harmon's rifle to Avon] You'll need that if we're both to come out of this alive. [Closes door]

[scene - Chenga. Barr leaves a dome and meets Zee and Vila in the forest.] BARR There, that's all done. I've checked you in and registered you. ZEE The staff will look after you. You just ask for anything you want. You'll find they're most obliging. VILA But I'll be seeing you and Bar again, won't I? ZEE That's not allowed, I'm afraid. BARR Zee and I have work to do. VILA Oh, I'm really sorry I won't be seeing you both again and I want to thank you for everything you've done. Without you, I don't know what would have happened to me. ZEE It was no trouble and remember we get a reward for bringing you here. BARR Two thousand credits. VILA You get paid for helping me? That's what the primitives meant when they said that you get a bounty. You see, they've got it all wrong, they just don't understand. BARR You'd better go now, they're expecting you. You're going to make an enormous contribution to our society. VILA Well, it's little enough after all you've done for me. You look after yourselves and thanks once again. I really, really mean that.

[scene - inside the dome, Vila enters] VILA Excuse me, er, Zee and Barr sent me. I think I'm expected. RECEP- TIONIST And most welcome. VILA You know, those two are really nice girls, really nice. RECEP- TIONIST They've brought in over twenty primitives in the last two years. VILA You don't surprise me, they're all heart those two. RECEP- TIONIST Now, if you'd like to follow me. VILA Lead on, lead on. Cally! CALLY Vila! VILA Oh, Cally, what a relief. I thought I'd never see you again. CALLY It's good to see you. I knew you were still alive because I felt your pain. VILA Oh, you've no idea what I've been through. CALLY How is it? VILA Well, it's all right if you don't count the agony. CALLY I tried very hard to contact you. VILA Things got a bit hectic. Are you all right? CALLY Yes. VILA The others? CALLY I don't know. I think Avon's alive. VILA He would be. NURSE 2: We have to move on to health reception. You can go together if you wish. VILA Oh, thank you. CALLY We'd like that, thank you. NURSE 2: This way. VILA Thank you.

SERVALAN [Initially off-screen] You - come here. My name is Servalan. I want to see a senior official immediately. RECEP- TIONIST I'm afraid that won't be possible.

SERVALAN I am President and Supreme Commander of the Terran Federation. I want to see a senior official. I want to see him here and I want to see him now.

[scene - Guard approaches cabin, Avon and Tarrant are talking inside] AVON [Through the door] Del Tarrant - who are you? [scene switches to inside] TARRANT I've been on the Federation wanted list for quite a while. I had my own ship. I was running contraband, getting myself mixed up in other people's wars - you know the sort of thing. Naturally I heard something of what Blake and the rest of you were doing. AVON We tried not to keep it a secret. How did you get here? TARRANT Like you, I went in against the aliens, unlike you I barely survived the first salvo. I was picked up by a Federation ship - that's how I came by the uniform. When she was hit and we abandoned my life capsule homed in on the Liberator. She was still in bad shape but the repair circuits were beginning to make headway. AVON Were Klegg and his men already here? TARRANT Yes, so I had no choice but to bluff it out and pretend I was Federation. The man I got the uniform from outranked Klegg and I trained as a Federation Space Captain so it wasn't too difficult. AVON You certainly convinced me, especially when you cracked me over the back of the head. TARRANT Yes, sorry about that, but I knew if you spoke the computer would identify you. [scene switch to guard] AVON Were you planning to kill all of them? [switch back] TARRANT Yes, if necessary, it's not quite as callous as it might seem, almost but not quite. Klegg and his men are the Federation's death squad, they have a record of brutality hard to match. AVON You don't have to apologise to me. TARRANT I wasn't. [they hear the sound of movement from outside the room] AVON Just one thing. When we launched the life capsule, why weren't you convinced we had gone? TARRANT It convinced Klegg, but not me. AVON I thought it was a good idea. TARRANT It was, but that's how I knew you had faked it, it's the sort of idea I would have had myself. [Avon opens the door but the guard runs off] AVON Pity - it would have been better if they still thought you were on their side, but there are only three of them now. TARRANT It's not quite that straightforward, Klegg's holding your friend Dayna.

[scene - Chenga medical facility] RECEPTIONIST If you'll swallow these - they're trace elemnts to help the instruments make a complete analysis. VILA Of course, anything we can do to be helpful. CALLY Thank you. RECEPTIONIST Now if you'd like to relax someone will come to see you shortly. VILA You know, I think our luck has finally changed. CALLY Yes, I'm not quite sure just which way. VILA You're not serious. I tell you, given the choice between all this or sitting out there with a broken arm I know which I'd choose. CALLY Well, there's something not quite right about all this. VILA Not right - I've never known such hospitality. CALLY I think I'm going to try and contact the Liberator. VILA There's no rush is there? At least tell them not to hurry. Tell Zen to give the others priority. CALLY Cally calling Liberator. Liberator, are you receiving me? Respond please.

[scene - Liberator flight deck] AVON Zen, where are they? ZEN In-board sensors registering movement in the teleport section. AVON We have to get them out of there fast. If Vila teleports aboard they'll have him cold.

[scene - teleport section, Avon and Tarrant are just outside it] AVON Now is a good time to start getting ideas. TARRANT Do you have grenades on board? AVON We can't chance damaging the teleport. KLEGG [offscreen] Do you hear me out there? AVON We hear you. KLEGG You come in here, unarmed, or I kill the girl. AVON [offscreen] Not a chance. KLEGG She will die slowly and very noisily. DAYNA Don't count on it. KLEGG Well? AVON [offscreen] We'll think about it. KLEGG You've got five minutes. TARRANT You'd better come up with something fast.

[scene - Chenga medical facility] VILA You know, I wouldn't mind settling down here, nice planet, nice people, meet a nice girl, raise a family. CALLY What would you do for a living? VILA There're always opportunities for a top class thief. SERVALAN [off screen] Where's section area twenty-two?

PERSONNEL [off screen] Through there. VILA Servalan. [Servalan enters] SERVALAN Two of you now. Even better than I thought. I came to say goodbye. I shall be leaving shortly. CALLY Goodbye? SERVALAN You see you were wrong, Cally. The Federation does still carry influence. I had to arrange for a considerable payment of goods and equipment to be made, but in return I am to be given transport back to Earth. VILA Wonderful, we were worried about you. Your welfare really concerned us. SERVALAN We won't meet again. VILA Sounds good. I told you our luck had changed. SERVALAN Ah, not for the better, I'm afraid. You see I know what this place is now. I know why they went to all the trouble patrolling the battle area, picking up survivors. CALLY Why? SERVALAN They need humans. I suppose you two just about qualify. VILA Qualify for what? CALLY Servalan, what are you talking about? SERVALAN Unofficially the staff call this place the slaughterhouse. It's an organ bank. They store living tissue - all the vital organs for spare part surgery. VILA I can't move. Cally, I can't move. SERVALAN Don't be too alarmed. It's all quite painless and humane, I understand. [a nurse arrives with a stretcher]

[scene - Liberator teleport section] AVON I am ready to talk. KLEGG I talk - you listen. We take over the ship. You program the computer to respond to my voice commands, I want complete control. AVON What do we get? KLEGG You'll be teleported onto the surface of the nearest planet. You can build your security into the computer program. It won't respond to me until you are safely off the ship. DAYNA Don't do it, Avon. AVON Well, I wouldn't, Dayna, but I can't think of any alternative. KLEGG There is no alternative. One more thing. Tarrant is not part of the deal, he stays. I have things to settle with him. AVON He won't go along with that. KLEGG Convince him. AVON All right. Take the magazine out of your gun and give it to me. When I give you the signal fire one shot, then get ready to take him when he comes in. DAYNA No, Avon! KLEGG Very neat. I don't think I'd like you as a friend, Avon. AVON Let's get it over with. [shot] AVON Tarrant! I've got them Tarrant! [Tarrant enters and is captured] AVON There are so few people you can trust these days.

[scene - the organ bank] NURSE There'll be no pain, we ensure that all life is extingushed before surgery begins.

[scene - Liberator teleport section] KLEGG Where are you going? AVON To reprogram the computer. KLEGG Not alone, you're not. I'm coming with you. AVON Now! [fight - two of the guards are dealt with by Dayna] TARRANT She's very good. AVON Promising, quite promising.

[scene - the organ bank] NURSE They're ready for them in surgery - extinguish life.

[The teleport operates just in time] DAYNA She's alive, it looks as though she's been drugged. AVON That one's Cally. I'll introduce her more formally when she wakes up. This one is Vila. I should really introduce him now, he's at his best when he's unconscious.

[scene - Liberator flight deck] AVON Go ahead. DAYNA My name is Dayna, Dayna Mellanby. AVON Now you. TARRANT I am Del Tarrant. AVON Register the voices, Zen. From now on you will obey their requests and commands. ZEN Confirmed. AVON Welcome to the Liberator. VILA And you are, welcome to it. CALLY Oh, given the choice would you rather be a load of spare parts down there? AVON Or one spare part up here?

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