Prell was a technician at the Federation base on Centero. He was on duty in the cypher room and was taken prisoner by Blake and Vila when they took over the room. After Avon, Cally and Gan teleported down, Prell and the other prisoners were taken to a storage room by Cally and Gan, where Cally was left guarding them. When Cally was distracted by the approach of Federation troopers, Prell led the group in overpowering her, shortly before the complex was devastated by the bombs the Liberator crew had planted.

Prell angered Travis by ordering a crew to clear the wreckage in defiance of his orders. Prell gave Travis an account of the incident and Travis instructed him to carry out a forensic examination of the cypher room. Prell then received a report that Cally had been found alive under the rubble and Travis told him to hand her over to a medical team. When Eldon found a part of the inner workings that had been exposed at the time of the explosion, Prell realised Blake had took the cypher machine and sent a priority message to Travis informing him.