Reeve was a Federation Investigator who accompanied by Commissioner Sleer on the visit to Virn. He used a gun firing bullets so as to avoid the problems the planet induced in circuitry-dependent devices, and wounded Dayna Mellanby in the arm. He later tried to kill Del Tarrant, but was befuddled by the sand's mental influence, allowing Tarrant to shoot him.

He contested Sleer's authority and she described him to Tarrant as "an enemy of mine". His conversations with Sleer suggested that the mission to Virn was initially his, and Sleer had had herself seconded to it. Servalan's usual cruiser was not used for this particular mission. Reeve knew that Sleer was really Servalan, and made the mistake of admitting so. The unarmed crewman who accompanied Reeve and Sleer across Virn referred to him simply as a "pig".