also refers to Star One (installation)

Script for Star One by Chris Boucher

(c) 1977 by the British Broadcasting Corporation. Series created by Terry Nation. This is a complete dialogue transcript for research purposes and is not for sale under any circumstances Format (c) 1993 by Micky DuPree.

Transcription: Malcolm Mladenovic.

Proofreading: Dave Owen.

Dramatis Personae:

Blake Gareth Thomas Jenna Sally Knyvette Avon Paul Darrow Cally Jan Chappell Vila Michael Keating Zen Peter Tuddenham Servalan Jacqueline Pearce Travis Brian Croucher Lurena Jenny Twigge Stott David Webb Parton Gareth Armstrong Durkim John Bown Marcol Paul Toothill Leeth Michael Maynard

[scene - shots of approaching space ships]

NOVA QN PILOT Keldan Control, Keldan Control, this is Nova Queen on primary approach zero-four-zero. Request orbital entry clearance. [beep] K CONTROL Nova Queen, Nova Queen, this is Keldan control. Maintain zero-four-zero. Orbital entry is clear. [beep] NOVA QN PILOT Keldan Control, this is Nova Queen. I have an unidentified trace on zero-four-zero. [beep] K CONTROL Nova Queen, this is Keldan Control. Maintain zero-four-zero and switch to Computer Flight Coordination. [beep] NOVA QN PILOT Switching to CFC, maintaining zero-four-zero. [beep] [pause] That ship is still coming at us. [beep] K CONTROL Nova Queen, this is Keldan Control. The ship is an unmanned ore carier on Computer Flight Coordination. [beep] NOVA QN PILOT I hope you're sure about that, Keldan, it's still on zero-four-zero. [beep] K CONTROL Nova Queen, computer control is confirmed. No problem. [beep] NOVA QN PILOT You know that and I know that, but does the computer know that? [beep] K CONTROL It'll switch vectors any time now. Relax. [beep] NOVA QN PILOT I'll relax when it gets that ship off zero-four- zero. [beep] K CONTROL It will. [beep] NOVA QN PILOT Keldan control, I have four thousand passengers on this ship and that ore carrier is still on zero-four-zero. [beep] K CONTROL Computer flight coordination doesn't make errors. [beep] NOVA QN PILOT To hell with that! Do something, Keldan. That thing is coming straight at us. [beep] Keldan Control! [beep] K CONTROL Nova Queen, switch to manual control, engage emergency boosters and abort zero-four-zero. Confirm please. [beep] NOVA QN PILOT I can see it! My God, it's too late! K CONTROL Nova Queen, Nova Queen, this is Keldan Control, do you copy? [beep] Nova Queen, Nova Queen, come in please. [beep]

[scene - Servalan's office in Space Command]

SERVALAN Unfortunate. DURKIM You do have a way with words, Supreme Commander. I'm sorry, that was unneccessary. Everyone on the Nova Queen died instantly of course, but it didn't end there. The ship's neutron drive unit broke free, survived the fall through the atmosphere. It went critical just about the time it hit the surface. Ground zero was slap in the middle of Keldan City. Half the population was killed outright.

SERVALAN It was a computer malfunction, presumably. DURKIM Yes.

SERVALAN These things happen, Durkim. DURKIM They're happening far too often, Supreme Commander. Computer Flight Coordination is breaking down on twenty different worlds and the problem is spreading.

SERVALAN Are you saying it's a basic design fault? DURKIM No, that's not what I'm saying. Look. That's the equatorial zone on Palmero.

SERVALAN Palmero? DURKIM Yes, and that is snow you're looking at, Supreme Commander. It'll be some time before they re-establish themselves as the Federation's main producer of tropical fruit. And this, the plains of Suni. Mean temperature has gone up by twenty degrees. It hasn't rained anywhere on that planet in sixty days. When it does, the effect will be something like this... The planet Vilka, where it hasn't stopped raining for sixty days. The planet Herom... Carthenis.... [1] Climate control has gone disastrously wrong on all the frontier worlds.

[1] Pronounced "Carthenis" on screen, but listed as "Carthanos" in the Blake's 7 Programme Guide.

SERVALAN And it's spreading? DURKIM Rapidly.

SERVALAN Anything else? DURKIM Isn't that enough?

SERVALAN No, it's impossible, Durkim. DURKIM You mean unthinkable, don't you? Look, everything you've just seen has one common denominator.

SERVALAN Computers. DURKIM Not computers. Computer. Singular. Very singular indeed. Our unbeatable control and coordination centre.

SERVALAN No! DURKIM Servalan, by design or accident Star One is failing.

SERVALAN There has to be another explanation. DURKIM There isn't.

SERVALAN And if you want to keep your job you'll find it. DURKIM Why won't you face the facts?

SERVALAN Because I'm not convinced. And even if I were, there would be nothing I could do about it. DURKIM Well, surely under the circumstances you could get clearance to put a team in.

SERVALAN Star One is the most secure installation in the Federation. DURKIM I know that.

SERVALAN Do you know why it's so thoroughly secure? DURKIM Well, presumably because knowledge of its location is severely restricted.

SERVALAN No! Knowledge of it's location is non-existent. Durkim, no one knows where Star One is! No-one at all!

[scene - Liberator flight deck] BLAKE So, if Lurgan's coordinates are correct Star One is somewhere in there. AVON Which makes it about the only thing that is. VILA At least we'll recognize it when we see it, even if we don't recognize it when we see it, if it's the only thing that's there, if you see what I mean. CALLY Oh, shut up, Vila. VILA I'm just trying to help. BLAKE What do you think, Jenna? JENNA It's riskier than it looks. These coordinates are not precise enough. And however they built Star One it's not going to be so big that we can't miss it. BLAKE We'll probably have to search. JENNA It's a long way out, Blake - a long way from the edge of the galaxy. CALLY It's infinity. You're asking us to plunge out into infinity. BLAKE Now come on, Cally, that's a slight exaggeration. CALLY Is it? What, the space between the island galaxies. It's the nearest we'll come to infinity before we die. JENNA If anything goes wrong out there we won't have a prayer, because nothing and nobody goes out that far. VILA I hadn't thought of it like that. BLAKE The Federation went out there. VILA We've only got Lurgan's word for that. And we didn't even get it first hand. AVON There is only Lurgan's word. Everybody else who knew is either dead or amnesiac. One clue. Just one, and we have got it. Why are you listening to this drivel, Blake? We can take Star One, let's get on with it. JENNA Very stirring. When did you become a believer? AVON Are you just going to sit there? You have led them by the nose before. BLAKE 'Scuse me, are you going to answer her question? AVON Show me someone who believes in anything and I will show you a fool. BLAKE I meant what I said on Goth, Avon. We are not going to use Star One to rule the Federation, we are going to destroy it. AVON I never doubted that. I never doubted your fanaticism. As far as I am concerned you can destroy whatever you like. You can stir up a thousand revolutions, you can wade in blood up to your armpits. Oh, and you can lead the rabble to victory, whatever that might mean. Just so long as there is an end to it. When Star One is gone it is finished, Blake. And I want it finished. I want it over and done with. I want to be free. CALLY But you are free now, Avon. AVON I want to be free of him. BLAKE I never realized. You really do hate me, don't you? AVON When we have dealt with Star One, I will take you back to Earth and then the Liberator is mine, agreed? BLAKE Agreed. Assuming the others go along with it. JENNA Why should we? VILA Yes, why should we? It's all a bit high-handed if you ask me. ZEN Liberator is approaching sector nine. Navigation computers now require further instructions. BLAKE Well, do we look for Star One? JENNA We'll finish what we set out to do. Nothing else is settled. CALLY Are we fanatics? BLAKE Does it matter? CALLY Many, many people will die without Star One. BLAKE I know. CALLY Are you sure that what we're going to do is justified? BLAKE It has to be. Don't you see, Cally? If we stop now then all we have done is senseless killing and destruction. Without purpose, without reason. We have to win. It's the only way I can be sure that I was right. CALLY That you were right? JENNA Course for sector eleven is laid in. AVON Detectors on full range. All readings are clear. VILA Weaponry system on standby. BLAKE Standard by six, Jenna. JENNA Run course program, standard by six. BLAKE Confirm boundary. ZEN Confirm Liberator is now crossing the theoretical boundary of the galaxy and is entering intergalactic space. BLAKE Increase speed to standard by twelve.

[scene - Servalan's office]

SERVALAN There's no doubt in your mind that he was telling the truth? INTER- ROGATOR None, Supreme Commander. We didn't rush him. He was telling the truth all right.

SERVALAN Very well, interrogate the rest of his team just to make sure, and try not to kill them. [Durkim enters] Yes, Durkim, what is it? DURKIM I find that just a little distracting, Supreme Commander. What's all this about?

SERVALAN Time to defend ourselves. DURKIM Against whom?

SERVALAN Each other. Now what is it you want? Quickly, you're wasting time. DURKIM There's an emergency meeting of the High Council.

SERVALAN I am aware of that. DURKIM I've been summoned to appear before it. You put Headquarters on full security restriction. I can't get off this satelite without your direct clearance.

SERVALAN No. DURKIM Well, 'no' you agree with what I'm saying or 'no' you refuse my clearance.

SERVALAN Both. Now get back to your work. I am still waiting for your theories about where Star One may be located. DURKIM That summons is a Presidential Order in Council. I have to go.

SERVALAN Space Command no longer recognises the authority of the President or of the Council. DURKIM I don't think I understand.

SERVALAN We are the only force capable of handling the present emergency. DURKIM I doubt if even we can do that.

SERVALAN The President and those members of the Council who are unable to accept the realities of the situation are even now being arrested, as are those of our own people whose loyalties may be divided. At a time like this complete unity is an absolute essential. DURKIM There isn't enough data. I can't even guess where Star One is.

SERVALAN Then I suggest you try harder. Or I might think you're part of the plot. DURKIM Plot?

SERVALAN Obviously, someone is trying to destroy the Federation, now perhaps it's you. DURKIM Why would I want to do that?

SERVALAN 'Why' is always the most difficult question. At the moment I am more concerned with 'how'. DURKIM Is she involved?

SERVALAN You know her? DURKIM Her name's Lurena, I think. Isn't it. Er, we were acquainted.

SERVALAN You were more than just acquaintances. DURKIM That's a long time ago. She emigrated to one of the frontier worlds.

SERVALAN She's on Star One. DURKIM She can't be, it's unmanned. The systems are automatic.

SERVALAN A group of scientists and technicians elected to spend the rest of their lives refining, checking and guarding the systems. DURKIM Knowing they could never leave, never come home. That's appalling.

SERVALAN Inspiring, surely. In the best tradition of selfless devotion to the Federation. DURKIM That's your answer then. Some or all of them have changed their minds.

SERVALAN Uh-uh. They were all screened and conditioned very carefully by our best psycho-manipulation teams. None of the group could attempt to damage the systems, identify the location or contact anyone outside Star One without going obviously insane. DURKIM How can you be certain of that?

SERVALAN The head of the psycho-manipulation team has just finished... reassuring my interrogators. So whatever is happening on Star One is happening against her will. DURKIM There's nothing I can do.

SERVALAN You get back to work, Durkim. She may still have a chance. If we can find her in time. DURKIM May I offer you my personal congratulations, and loyalty, Madame President? INTERCOM VOICE Supreme Commander.

SERVALAN What is it? INTERCOM VOICE Blake and his crew. The strategy programs have all come up blank on the possible courses they took.

SERVALAN Run them again. INTERCOM VOICE But, Supreme Commander.

SERVALAN Run them again! [intercom off] I will not be President of a ruined empire.

[scene - Star One] LURENA What are you doing? _What are you doing?_ STOTT Just a routine check, Lurena. LURENA Is that why you're using a laser probe? I've been watching you, Stott. STOTT I know. LURENA Your behaviour has been very suspicious for some time now. STOTT Forgive me, Lurena, but, well, we've all noticed that you seem to be under some kind of stress. LURENA There was nothing wrong with that control circuit, I checked it myself an hour ago. STOTT That's why I was checking it again. LURENA You think I don't know what I'm doing? STOTT I'm afraid that's what we all think. Someone's been tampering with the systems, it can only be you. Your conditioning, a reaction to it. You're not to blame. You're ill, that's all. LURENA Stay where you are, or I'll kill him. PARTON We only want to help you, Lurena. Please, put down the gun. LURENA Yes, you'd like that wouldn't you. Stay where you are. STOTT Do as she says, Parton. LURENA I see it now, you're all in this together. PARTON That's impossible, you know that's impossible, look Lurena. LURENA You're all against me. All of you. Whispering, plotting behind my back. You want to kill me. PARTON We want to help you. LURENA Don't move! PARTON Please, Lurena. [she runs off] [to the others] Get after her. Find her before she does any more damage. And don't bother to bring her back. Just kill her. I was right, we should have done it as soon as we knew. STOTT I didn't realise how far she'd got. PARTON Now she's running around loose. STOTT Well at least we know what to expect, anyway. And after all, what can she do, alone? She is the last one.

[chase scene]

VOICE [off stage] This way.

[chase scene]

[scene - Liberator flight deck] BLAKE Anything on the detectors? AVON No. BLAKE Jenna, how long before we reach Lurgan's coordiates? JENNA Eight minutes. If there's anything there it should be showing by now. CALLY Perhaps Star One doesn't come within detector range until we reach the coordinates. VILA Our detectors are better than anything the Federation have got. We should be able to see it by now. AVON I think we can. There, you see, at the extreme edge of the range. JENNA What is it? AVON The readings say that it is a star, small, pale and very dense. BLAKE A white dwarf by the look of it. VILA You couldn't put a computer complex on that. Could you? AVON Hardly. CALLY Does it have a planetary system? AVON Probably not a system, more likely a single planet. BLAKE A single planet orbiting an isolated, dying star. VILA Star One. BLAKE Seems reasonable.


STOTT Have they found her? PARTON We've been through all the control sectors, searched the storage rooms, living quarters. STOTT Maybe she went out onto the surface? PARTON She won't last long if she has, there's nothing out there for her. STOTT Better send a search party anyway. PARTON We can't waste any more time on her. STOTT Do it! PARTON Shall I call off the search down here? STOTT Leave three to continue, send a party out onto the surface, put the rest back to work. Don't be insolent. PARTON Maintenance takes effort. If we could revert to ourselves... STOTT No, not while she's free. If she realized, her conditioning might break down completely.

[scene] LURENA Zhokov, I'm sorry, I... [body turns into alien]

[scene] BLAKE Put the planet on visual. ZEN Confirmed. VILA Looks like yet another garden paradise. BLAKE Surface conditions? ZEN The atmosphere is breathable. Surface temperatures are low. Calculations suggest that they rise above freezing point only during daylight hours at the equator. BLAKE Good. VILA It is? You like dead planets with dying suns? BLAKE I do when I'm looking for a complex underground installation. Jenna, program a course to orbit the planet's equator. VILA You don't have to explain it to me, I only came for the ride. AVON With surface conditions like that where would you build the main installation? JENNA Course program laid in. BLAKE Maximum scan, Cally. Look for anything unusual or out of place, sudden temperature variation, anything. They're bound to have left some clue as to where they put that installation. A door would be nice if you could manage it. CALLY I'll do my best. BLAKE Preferably one marked 'Entrance'. CALLY Ready on the scan, Jenna. JENNA Run course program. ZEN Confirmed. Course program running.

[later] AVON I have been doing some calculations, if this is Star One... BLAKE If it is? AVON First catch your computer, but all right it probably is, and that being the case the choice of location is fascinating. BLAKE I'm glad you're enjoying it. AVON The nearest large galaxy to our own is Andromeda. BLAKE So? AVON So, this is the nearest point to Andromeda. If anyone could cross intergalactic space in less than a lifetime we are now precisely upon the route that they would take. BLAKE What are you trying to say, Avon? AVON I directed the detectors toward the Andromeda galaxy. There are thousands of satellite generators out there, beyond Star One. BLAKE What? AVON Even with the Federation's resources it must have taken them years. BLAKE That must be the biggest antimatter minefield ever put together. VILLA Minefield, what minefield? AVON Perhaps the intergalactic drive has been developed. Question is, by whom. BLAKE A defence zone to keep mankind in, or something else out.

[scene - Star One] [Lurena opens outer door, then hides inside]

[scene - searching outside on the surface of Star One] MARKOV Leeth. Leeth! LEETH What is it, Markov? MARKOV The main entrance is open. She must have come out after we did. She followed us out. LEETH She can't have got far then. Spread out, all of you. Keep searching.

[Lurena hides, finds dead crew, collapses in shock]

[scene - Liberator flight deck] VILA I don't like explosives, very crude. Difficult to reason with a bomb. CALLY Blake? AVON They won't explode until they are primed. VILA And if it was faulty? bit late to complain to the manufacturer. CALLY Scanners are showing a temperature variation. From the pattern it could almost be the door you were talking about.

[scene - surface of Star One] LEETH I think it was a trick. MARKOV What was? LEETH The open door. I think she doubled back. I don't think she's out here at all. MARKOV No, she wouldn't've been thinking clearly enough for that. LEETH I hope you're right, but we're not really sure how they function under heavy stress. [faintly] Come on.

[scene - Liberator flight deck] JENNA Stationary orbit is established and confirmed. BLAKE Teleport, Vila. [exeunt Blake, Vila and Cally] JENNA Avon? AVON Yes. JENNA Watch yourselves, Blake's rushing things. I get the feeling he's not giving himself time to think. AVON Blake is an idealist, Jenna. He cannot afford to think.

[scene - surface of Star One] BLAKE [into communicator] Down and safe. [to Cally and Avon] Defences? AVON They've relied on secrecy, I don't think they've tricked the place out, but it won't do any harm to be careful. BLAKE Let's look for that entrance. CALLY I thought this place was unmanned. AVON More idealists. BLAKE They must have volunteered to be marooned for life. AVON Yes, it makes you proud to be human, doesn't it? CALLY What are they doing here? BLAKE Making sure everything works, presumably. AVON What now? BLAKE Follow them.

[they follow the aliens to the base] BLAKE One door. CALLY As requested. BLAKE Well done, Cally. AVON It isn't marked 'Entrance'. CALLY Nobody's perfect.

[Blake and Cally enter, and are captured] CALLY [telepathically] Avon, it's a trap. [outside Avon retreats and hides] BLAKE Not a very friendly welcome. Shall we go? I'm sure whoever is in charge would wish to speak with us.

[scene - Avon, outside] AVON Vila, teleport Cally and Blake, quickly. VILA [on communicator] Right. AVON Come on, come on. VILA [on communicator] Avon. AVON Well? VILA [on communicator] There's no response. What's going on, where are they? AVON Inside. It must be shielded. VILA [on communicator] Do you want to come up? AVON No. JENNA [on communicator] Avon. [scene switches to Liberator] AVON [on communicator] What is it, Jenna? JENNA There's a ship, its coming in for a surface landing. AVON [on communicator] Have they spotted you? JENNA I've got the detector shield up. AVON [on communicator] What sort of a ship is it? JENNA I don't know, it's a new type to me. Looks like it's coming down somewhere near you, though. [scene switches to planet] VILA [on communicator] Do you want to come up now? AVON No, let's see who else knows about this place. VILA [on communicator] Are you going to tell us what's going on down there? Avon... Avon!

[scene - Liberator flight deck]

JENNA Vila, I need you in here to stand by the weaponry system. VILA [on communicator] What about the teleport? JENNA I'll put Orac on it. VILA [on communicator] He's not as quick as we are. JENNA We'll have to live with that. VILA [on communicator] You mean they will. JENNA Just get on with it. Orac, operate the teleport as instructed. ORAC Oh, very well. JENNA And check that intergalactic defence zone. I want everything you can find out about it, including why it's there.

[scene - Star One control room - section 4] STOTT You're here, then. BLAKE Apparently. STOTT I was told you would be alone. BLAKE Obviously you were misinformed. STOTT Who is this woman? BLAKE She is my mother. STOTT May I see your identification? BLAKE What for? After all, who else knows about this place? STOTT I was told you could be difficult. BLAKE You seem to have been told rather a lot about me. STOTT I was interested. I am not unfamiliar with traitors, but the scale of your treachery is unusual. And your insistence on carrying out the final act personally must make you unique. BLAKE Your disapproval would carry more conviction if you wre not going to benefit from my treachery. Now when do I get to perform the final act? STOTT Which of your hands is artificial? BLAKE [raises left hand] This one. Rather good, don't you think? STOTT And the eye patch, what happened to that?

[scene - outside the base entrance] AVON Hold it, touch that and I'll drop you where you stand. Well, now. Travis. Fancy meeting you here. TRAVIS Put the gun down, Avon, it's too late to stop it now. AVON Convince me. TRAVIS Be polite and I may let you live. AVON Be informative and I may let you die. You'll want that after I've shot off an arm and a leg or two. TRAVIS I thought you were supposed to be the one with brains? AVON Brains but no heart. Now talk or scream, Travis, the choice is yours.

[scene - Liberator flight deck] ORAC My preliminary examination of the defence zone indicates that it is made up of a network of satellite generators. VILA We could have told you that. ORAC Each of which performs a dual function; namely, to indicate the approach of an intruder and then to destroy that intruder by a powerful anti-matter implosion. JENNA So it's a combined alarm system and minefield. ORAC Correct. If I may continue. VILA He always makes me feel as if I should be taking notes. ORAC _If_ I may continue. The defence zone is controlled and monitored from the computer complex known as Star One. VILA Ahh. ORAC A cursory examination of the relevant Star One systems indicates that this defence zone is one of a number of such zones located at strategic points on the rim of that section of the galaxy colonized by mankind. VILA Then they are expecting an invasion? A hoard of hairy aliens. ORAC There is no logical reason why aliens should be hairy. VILA There is no logical reason why people should be hairy. I don't like this Jenna, we could be sitting in the front line. ORAC I see no cause for alarm. From the design and construction patterns it would appear that the defence zones have been built up very gradually over a long period of time. My conclusion is that they are merely precautionary rather than a response to some specific threat. JENNA Well if there's no threat why bother with precautions? ORAC If the resources are available to eliminate even the vaguest threat, it would seem logical to do so. VILA I'd agree with that. What do you call a vague threat? ORAC A contact, er, sometime in the past, either a communication or a physical contact. VILA A physical contact? ORAC A scoutship, perhaps. VILA A scoutship, perhaps! Like that one down on the surface now, perhaps! JENNA Zen, put the battle computers online. ZEN Confirmed, battle computers are online. JENNA Give me maximum available range on the detectors.

[scene - inside Star One] CALLY What do you think is going on? BLAKE Well, they were waiting for Travis, so obviously he's expected to take over. CALLY Except there's more to it than that. BLAKE Yes, the final act. Well, whatever that is we've got a final act of our own to arrange. You work your way through the other control rooms. If anyone questions you be arrogant, you're with Travis, and he's about to become Emperor of the galaxy. CALLY What about you? BLAKE I'll wait for Stott. As long as he thinks I am Travis we'll have no problems. Huh, besides I might find even out the rest of it. I'm going to set this timer for one hour.

[Cally leaves, Blake sets charge, Stott returns] STOTT Most of the systems have been modified already. The chaos and destruction should already be sufficient to ensure that resistance is slight. BLAKE When will you be ready for the ultimatum? STOTT Ultimatum? BLAKE Laying out of our terms for the restoration of order. STOTT Policy is not our concern, Travis. It is sufficient to serve.

[shots of Cally placing bombs]

[scene - Avon and Travis outside base entrance] AVON I hope these people will really do as you tell them, Travis. TRAVIS They will. AVON The first one who doesn't will cost you your head.

[They enter the base] AVON [To Travis] Don't move. [Avon struggles with Lurena - Travis escapes] AVON Damn! LURENA They're all dead. AVON Yes, I can see that. Did you kill them? LURENA No. They are trying to kill me. AVON They have a novel approach to the job. LURENA You don't understand. In here they're dead, but out there, out there they're still alive, walking about. AVON Trying to kill you? LURENA Yes. AVON Yes. LURENA Look out! [Avon shoots alien] LURENA What are they? AVON Unfriendly. Which is fortunate, really. They'd be difficult to love. Come on.

[scene - Liberator flight deck] VILA Nothing. There's nothing there. I knew we were panicking unneccessarily. Alien hordes, I mean to say. JENNA There they are. VILA Where? Where? JENNA Just coming into detector range. VILA They're too far off to be sure. They could be meteors. JENNA They're ships. VILA No, they couldn't be, there's too many of them. That's a cloud of meteors. Well, come on Jenna, you can see that, admit it. That's a cloud of ... big meteors. Very big meteors. And it's slowing down. JENNA They know about the defence zone. VILA Jenna, let's run for it.

[scene - central Star One control room]

STOTT Is it nearly complete? PARTON As you see. STOTT Constructing the circuits required to deactivate the defence zone was difficult, but we were able to keep the technicians alive long enough to duplicate their entire brain patterns as well as their physical shape. BLAKE Their physical shape? STOTT Why do we still retain it? The woman Lurena has escaped. It's just a precaution. May I ask you an impertinent question? BLAKE If you don't mind an impertinent answer. STOTT I have taken on the shape of your species. I use your words, and yet I cannot understand you. The woman Lurena and the other technicians that were here, these I could understand. But you. Why have you betrayed your own kind? Why have you given us the means to eradicate your species? BLAKE Eradicate humanity? STOTT Virtually. BLAKE Well maybe I just don't like crowds. [Travis enters and shoots Blake] BLAKE Travis. STOTT You are Travis? TRAVIS I am Travis. STOTT Then who is this? TRAVIS His name is Blake. Hm. His name was Blake.

[scene - Star One control room - section 4] AVON Where's Blake? CALLY Well I left him in here. What's that? AVON We seem to have stumbled over an alien invasion. [to Lurena] Which of these control sections handles the defence zone? LURENA I can't tell you that. AVON You must know. Now think, woman. LURENA I can't tell you because you haven't been cleared by security. AVON Well, neither had that! CALLY She's been conditioned, Avon. She wants to tell you but she can't. AVON Come on.

[scene - central Star One control room] TRAVIS Your people are well trained. STOTT They serve, as do we all. TRAVIS How much longer? PARTON Each of these keys will close down one sector of the defence zone. When I've connected this last one, you can begin. TRAVIS My one regret is that they'll never know who really killed them.

[scene - Liberator flight deck] VILA Why are they just sitting there? JENNA They're waiting for someone to clear that defence zone. VILA Do you think Blake knows what's happening? Why hasn't he come back yet? What are we supposed to do, Jenna? JENNA Give the alarm. VILA Terrific idea, who do you suggest we tell? JENNA Servalan. VILA Oh now, wait a minute. JENNA I just hope Blake understands why we betrayed him. Orac, I want you to punch through a message to the strategy computer in Space Command headquarters. I want you to tell it that there's an alien battlefleet estimated at six hundred ships about to enter Federation space. Give it these coordinates. Tell it that the information comes from Blake on the Liberator. Can you do that, Orac? ORAC I would remind you that I am not a communicator. JENNA Your carrier beam is the fastest way to contact Servalan. ORAC That is not the purpose for which it was developed. VILA Do it, you useless bunch of junk. You got us into this mess, "No cause for alarm" you said, or have you forgotten? ORAC I have passed the message, as you requested. The Space Command strategy computer is now registering the data.

[scene - Star One central control room] PARTON It is finished. Now you can open the way for our fleet to enter. TRAVIS The final act.

[scene - Liberator flight deck] ZEN Information. One sector of the defence zone has now been deactivated.

[scene - Star One control room - Travis and Stott are shot by Blake, then Avon enters and shoots Parton] CALLY Avon! AVON How bad is he? CALLY Bad enough. BLAKE Is he dead, Avon? Is Travis dead? [Avon shoots Travis again, Travis falls into central well] AVON He is now. Are you? BLAKE I've had better days. CALLY We must get him back to the ship. BLAKE No, the aliens were closing down the defence zone. There must be a fleet out there. We must warn the Federation. CALLY From the ship. BLAKE The charges, Cally. We cannot blow this place up. Humanity is going to need all the resources it can get. CALLY All the charges are set, Blake, they'll blow in ten minutes. We can't stop them now they're primed, it's too late. BLAKE Well get them out onto the surface. AVON In ten minutes? BLAKE Try, Cally. Help her, Avon. AVON [to Lurena] You. Do what you can for him.

[scene - Servalan's office]

SERVALAN When did this come in? DURKIM It showed up on the strategy readout.

SERVALAN All right, Durkim. Red One mobilization. DURKIM You believe it?

SERVALAN All fighting ships to make maximum speed. Patch this office into the fleet coordination suite. Well, get on with it!

[scene - inside Star One] AVON How many more? CALLY Three. How long have we got? AVON Two-and-a-half minutes.

[scene - the Star One control room] BLAKE I forgot. LURENA Try not to move about. BLAKE No, you don't understand. There's another explosive charge. LURENA Look, lie still. You'll kill yourself. BLAKE They don't know about it. I've got to get it out. LURENA I'll get it. Tell me where it is. BLAKE I put it in section four on one of the panels. LURENA All right. Now lie still. BLAKE You'll have to hurry.

[scene - elsewhere in Star One] AVON Come on, come on. We've got a minute and fifteen seconds. CALLY That's the last. AVON Move!

[Cally runs outside and throws the bombs over the brow of a rise. Lurena finds the bomb in section four, but is surrounded by aliens. Hiding the bomb behind her back she walks towards them so that it explodes in the midst of them]

[scene - Servalan's office] CONTROLLER 1 Flagship Galileo reports galactic eigth fleet under way. estimate achieve coordinates in four hours. CONTROLLER 2 Cruiser Beagle now estimating rendezvous in three hours and seventeen minutes. CONTROLLER 3 Flotillas fourteen and sixteen confirm four hours and eight minutes. DURKIM But what happens in the meantime?

[scene - Liberator flight deck] AVON I gave him my word. VILA To fight off that fleet until the Federation get here? AVON That is what I promised. JENNA Why, Avon? AVON Why not? CALLY They are under way, they're moving towards the gap in the defence zone. AVON Zen, put it on visual. ZEN Confirmed. AVON Well? JENNA Zen, battle computers to calculate intercept course and strike ranges. ZEN Confirmed. VILA Put up the radiation flare shield, clear the neutron blasters for firing. ZEN Neutron blasters are cleared for firing. AVON Zen, put up the force wall. ZEN Confirmed. [Blake enters] AVON [to Blake] Why didn't you stay in the medical unit? Couldn't you bring yourself to trust me just this once? BLAKE I thought I might be able to help. AVON In that condition? BLAKE All right I'll go back. AVON Can you manage, alone? BLAKE Yes. Avon, for what it is worth, I have always trusted you, from the very beginning.

[scenes of alien fleet]

CONTROLLER 4 Flotilla seventeen estimates two hours and six minutes. CONTROLLER 5 Battle cruiser Newton reports coordinates achievable in one hour and seven minutes.

[scene - Liberator flight deck] CALLY One minute to strike range. VILA We can't hold all of them. JENNA They can't all come through that gap at once.

[Liberator approaches alien fleet] AVON Stand by to fire. VILA Avon, this is stupid! AVON When did that ever stop us? [pause] Fire!

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