The Liberator Chronicles are a series of audio adventures produced by Big Finish Productions, which continue to build on the Blake's 7 universe. These are released as a series of box-sets, each containing three audio stories.

Each story generally has one or two 'lead voices' with another character/voice supporting them. The stories are told through a mix of narration, dialogue delivery and sound effects / music. This 'enhanced audiobook' style first began in Big Finish's Doctor Who The Companion Chronicles range of stories.

The Liberator Chronicles paved the way for Big Finish's range of full cast audio adventures The Classic Audio Adventures which feature all of the original cast (minus Peter Tuddenham) of television Blake's 7.

Volume Audio story Writer
TLC Volume 1
Volume 1
The Turning Test Simon Guerrier
Solitary Nigel Fairs
Counterfeit Peter Anghelides
TLC Volume 2
Volume 2
The Magnificent Four Simon Guerrier
False Positive Eddie Robson
Wolf Nigel Fairs
TLC Volume 3
Volume 3
The Armageddon Storm Cavan Scott and Mark Wright
TLC Volume 4
Volume 4
Promises Simon Fairs
Epitaph Scott Harrison
Kerr Nick Wallace
TLC Volume 5
Volume 5
Logic Simon Guerrier
Risk Management Una McCormack
Three James Goss
TLC Volume 6
Volume 6
Incentive Peter Anghelides
Jenna's Story Steve Lyons
Blake's Story Mark Wright and Cavan Scott
Liberator Chronicles Vol 7 Cover
Volume 7
Spy Simon Guerrier
Disorder Eddie Robson
The Hard Road James Swallow
Liberator Chronicles Vol 08
Volume 8
President Simon Guerrier
The Sea of Iron Marc Platt
Spoils James Goss
Liberator Chronicles Vol 09
Volume 9
Defector Cavan Scott and Mark Wright
Planetfall Cavan Scott and Mark Wright
Secrets Cavan Scott and Mark Wright
Liberator Chronicles Vol 10
Volume 10
Velandra Steve Lyons
Retribution Andrew Smith
Ministry of Peace Una McCormack
Liberator Chronicles Vol 11
Volume 11
Brother Nigel Fairs
Poison Iain McLaughlin
Escape from Destiny Andrew Smith
Liberator Chronicles Vol 11X
Volume 11X
Remnants Simon Guerrier
Liberator Chronicles Vol 12
Volume 12
Corners of the Mind Andy Lane
Capital Guy Adams
Punishment Guy Adams