The SevenFold Crown
Series: BBC Radio
Season number: BBC Audio
Story number: 1
Blake's 7 crew: Avon (Paul Darrow)

Vila (Michael Keating)
Tarrant (Steven Pacey)
Dayna (Angela Bruce)
Soolin (Paula Wilcox)
Orac (Peter Tuddenham)
Slave (Peter Tuddenham)

Recurring villains: Servalan (Jacqueline Pearce)
Writer: Barry Letts
Script editor:  ?
Director: Brian Lighthill
Copyright date: 1998
Broadcast date: 19 January 1998
Format: 1 x 63 minute episode
Previous story: Nil
Next story: The Syndeton Experiment
Publisher: BBC


Raiding Servalan’s HQ, the crew discover that she possesses a jewel that belongs to an ancient, long-lost crown a mystical artefact of indescribable power. Suddenly the Scorpio crew are as determined as Servalan to acquire the circlet; but if they do, will absolute power corrupt Avon absolutely?


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Story notesEdit

The SevenFold Crown is the first of two official BBC audio adventures based upon Blake's 7. Originally broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on the 19th January 1998 it was later released on cassette then CD. The SevenFold Crown is set between the Season 4 episodes Stardrive and Animals


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Production errorsEdit

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Home audio releasesEdit


Cassette release cover

  • BBC audio cassette release.
  • BBC audio CD release.

External linksEdit

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