I was a priest! I shall return A GOOOOOOOOOOOD!
Lord Vargas

Lord Vargas was the Ruler of Cygnus Alpha, though he admitted that he had never had more than five hundred subjects. His great-great-grandfather was among the first prisoners sent to the planet, and had founded a religion based around the worship of a god named Cygnus of whom Vargas was the high priest. This position may thus have been an inherited one. He wanted the Liberator to spread the word to the galaxy at large and so, although unlike his subjects, he was aware that his religion was built on lies. He had Blake tortured, ordered the sacrifice of Gan, and was eventually brought aboard the Liberator, where Blake teleported him into deep space.

Vargas was the first person seen to fire a Liberator handgun. He wore a blue robe when officiating at rituals.

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