Infraluminal space craft built about 700 years before Blake's period, sent out from Earth, and described by Blake to Jenna as "one of the oldest ships you'll ever see" when one appeared around Fosforon. According to Blake it should have needed 3,000 years to get so far from Earth. Orac identified it as K47, listed as having been sent to 61 Cygni seven hundred years earlier and subsequently unaccounted for. Cally detected a malignant presence on the ship, but could not specify its nature. Picked up by a salvager from the Q-base on Fosforon, it was taken down to the planet. The original crew were Wardin, Tober, and Kemp, and Wardin's body was found on board. During an autopsy conducted by Dr Wiler, the corpse temporarily came "alive" and released a lethal virus into the base. (B: Killer)